Significance of Coaching for UPSC Preparation

When talking about competitive exams in India, the civil services exam takes first place in terms of significance and popularity. Aspirants across the country look for an opportunity to enter the Indian bureaucracy and work for the benefit of the people of the country. Being an annual examination, over ten lakh candidates apply for the UPSC exam every year, making it highly competitive.

Other points of concern with cracking the IAS exam are the extensive syllabus and the exhaustive exam pattern. Many important subjects are a part of the CSE syllabus, and to gather and compile the entire study material is the toughest job for candidates. With this in mind, a set strategy needs to be brought into force for candidates to excel in the exam.

This entire process of recruitment, starting from the online application till the provisional list of shortlisted candidates is released, takes up to a year to be completed. This may become a bit overwhelming for a lot of aspirants and the most recommended way to cope with the competition is to get expert assistance in the form of coaching classes.

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Today, in India, prominent institutes offer the best IAS Coaching with strategised modules that can benefit all the candidates. Aspirants can easily find online and/or offline classes for UPSC preparation that have competent faculty to guide them in their journey.

How can Coaching be Beneficial?

A common question that arises in a candidate’s mind is – ‘How can  IAS coaching provide the required boost to perform exceptionally well in the upcoming examination?’ Given below are the benefits of joining an IAS Academy.

  • Provides a Set Plan – The first step is to set up a timetable that devotes sufficient time for all the subjects. This step is simplified at a coaching centre as classes are scheduled in a manner that all the subjects get the required number of classes allotted. This way, time is equally provided for all subjects.
  • Regular Classes Promote Daily Routine – UPSC preparation is a thorough process. Taking breaks for weeks is not a good option while preparing. English by skype joining a coaching class, candidates tend to get into a routine wherein they do not have the option to skip studies, even for a single day. And once the schedule has been included in the student’s daily routine, focussing on preparation becomes easy.
  • Convenient Modules Available – There are options like weekday/weekend batches; online/offline classes; morning/evening batches. Aspirants can choose as per their convenience.
  • Experienced Faculty – This is the biggest advantage. Teachers appointed by the best UPSC coaching centres, are experienced and have knowledge of how the paper may turn out to be. This is why they can guide the candidates in the best possible way. The faculty monitors the growth and performance of every aspirant and based on their aptitude, assists them with the preparation.
  • In-depth Study Material – Subject-wise detailed notes curated by experts are provided to each enrolled candidate. Apart from this, notes about daily current affairs, PIB analysis, The Hindu newspaper analysis, and most importantly – all from the examination perspective, are provided to the students. One need not look in other places to gather the study material.
  • Guidance for Optional Subject – A lot of candidates face difficulties when it comes to opting for an optional subject. Teachers at the leading IAS centres can guide you through this process. Based on your aptitude and the possibility of scoring higher, they can suggest some subjects for individuals and then guide them to high scores in them.
  • Mock Test Series for Prelims and Mains – Be it online or offline classes, the coaching provides an ample number of mock tests for the GS, CSAT and Mains paper. Candidates can solve these and test their preparation levels. Also, they can comprehend which sections require more hard work and which are their strengths.
  • Mock Interview – Once the candidate qualifies in both the prelims and mains examinations, there is an option for mock interview preparation. The best IAS coaching centres in India provide this option for candidates, where they can attend an interview session with highly knowledgeable Interviewees who are experts in the field of Indian development, or retired administrative officers

Of all the cities in India – Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore are the three cities which aspirants move to, for IAS preparation. These cities are said to be the UPSC hubs. Candidates looking for details about the best IAS Coaching in Bangalore can visit the linked article.

But one thing that every candidate must remember is that IAS coaching is not your ticket to cracking the UPSC exam, but just a medium that can simplify this process for you. It is only an individual’s hard work and dedication that shall get the desired results.

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