Why is Rabies Vaccination Important?

Rabies needs to be taken ‌seriously because it is a fatal virus attack. That attacks the brain and the spinal cord. Any mammal can get infected by rabies. The good thing is that it is treatable and preventable if the virus is caught early on. But, this virus can be fatal, too, if the symptoms of the virus start to show off.

How can a dog get infected with rabies?

  • Most of the time, rabies is passed through a bite from infected animals. That is when the virus can enter the bloodstream. Rabies is secreted in the saliva, and it passes through the edge that breaks the skin.
  • Rabies can also pass through licking, in scenarios like if the animal’s wound is exposed to the saliva of an infected animal.
  • Dogs frequently exposed to wild animals like raccoons and bats can get rabies. Rabies can also pass between pets.
  • Every year globally, animals like cats, ferrets, and dogs get reported to the hospital for rabies, but it is ‌more common in dogs.

Symptoms you need to look for when your dog gets infected with rabies:

  • If you have noticed another animal has bitten your dog, keep a watchful eye on your dog and call the vet immediately. So that they can provide you with the best possible plan of action in such scenarios.
  • After getting bitten by an infected animal, the dog can start showing aggressive behavior.
  • They can also become affectionate after getting bitten by an infected animal.
  • Physical symptoms of rabies are fever, excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, seizures, and paralysis.
  • As the infection of the virus spreads, everything for them will feel overstimulated. They may stay in dark places/quiet places to act out aggressively or hide.
  • Some dogs can also show symptoms of foaming the mouth, a prevalent sign of rabies.
  • The virus can be in the dog’s body before developing or showing any symptoms. Usually, it takes 21 days to 80 days to reflect any symptoms.

What are the diagnosis and the treatment procedure for rabies?

  • Still, rabies cannot be easily diagnosed through blood tests. For the conformity of rabies, brain tissues are required, which is only possible when they complete the entire lifespan.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to cure rabies as of now. Only infected animals can be euthanized to stop the spread of the infection.
  • These are some essential things that a dog’s parent must know. But one of the best ways to prevent rabies is to get your pet vaccinated regularly. FYI there are many states where rabies vaccination is the law for pets.

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