Dog breeds suitable for truckers

Truck drivers spend a long time on the road and loneliness becomes a serious problem for them. It’s not always possible to take a companion along for the ride. Perhaps you are considering getting a pet to keep you company on the road. It’s a great idea, and many drivers do just that. To learn more about choosing a pet for truckers, go to:

And in this article, we’ll talk about dogs. Before you decide to take a pet to the trip, you need to understand that trucker dogs require a certain amount of training to accompany you on the trip.

The dogs for truckers should match their lifestyle. To make your time on the road nice, learn which dogs are good for the long road, how to protect your truck from pets, and how to make your pet feel happy on the road.

Here are some of the most appropriate dog breeds for truck drivers:

1. Bulldogs and pugs

These breeds are great for riding in a truck. They are small in size and don’t require a lot of physical exertion. They adapt quickly to the trucker lifestyle and can easily sit in one place for long periods of time.

Also, these breeds are short-haired and won’t shed much, so the cab of your truck won’t require constant extra cleaning. But if you’re going to opt for a bulldog or pug, consider the geography of your trips. These breeds are great for drivers who travel to temperate or cooler areas, but they’re not very comfortable in hot climates.

2. Pitbulls and Boxers

These dogs are medium-sized and very popular among truckers. They are very loyal to their owners and give them a sense of extra security on the road. They also have short coats, just like bulldogs, which guarantees you order in the truck cab. They are very pliable and patient, and will bear the hardships of a long road trip with you calmly. But keep in mind that these breeds are more active and larger and will need more stops and walks to release their energy.

3. Miniature Dobermans, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas

These toy breeds are great travel companions. Their size, ease of care, and even temperatures make them almost too easy to take with you on the road. You never have to worry about leaving them at home, because the most pet-friendly motels let these puppies stay the night with you.

Like bulldogs and pugs, these little breeds are temperature sensitive. Because of their small size, they prefer warmer climates. Try to choose larger or shaggier dog breeds if you are mostly shipping to cold or snowy regions. Dog sweaters are also an option!

4. Old dogs

When choosing a dog for truckers, older dogs can be a great choice. Many of them are already house trained and you won’t have to worry about puppy energy, and so there’s no need to stop often to avoid accidents. Because older dogs are more placid, they don’t need much exercise, but they will always be willing to go for walks at stops. In addition, older shelter dogs will be happy to take you out for a trip with you!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect breed, be sure to take the time to let your dog get to know your truck and get used to the noises of the road. After a few trips, your dog will be well adapted to the trucker lifestyle, and you’ll be happy to have a loyal driver friend.

Finding a good dog for a trucker is not difficult at all. Most employers will allow you to get a pet if its breed meets the company’s requirements. Find a great four-legged friend and enjoy your new pet while living the trucker life for years to come.

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