Why everyone choose the 1 800 Ask Gary platform?

1-800 Ask Gary is a free, round-the-clock hotline for auto accidents and injuries that may connect you immediately with a doctor with the training and credentials to assist victims of auto accidents. The auto accident sufferers who speak to our group of medical experts have often experienced life-varying motor vehicle disaster injuries. Still, our car breaks down, doctors fully describe what treatments or dealings may be essential to improve and put you on the road to remedial. If you enclose ever been in a1 800 ask Garyauto accident, you know how creepy it can be. Not just do you have to concern about possible injuries to yourself or your fellow traveller, not to mention your plans for getting around.

Stop the vehicle

When you are implicated in a car disaster, you must initially stop at the sight as this is a lawful duty to follow. Even if the mistake is small, it does not escape from the accident spot, as doing so will likely guide you to legal events against you. Also, try to stay as calm as likely and avoid any crazy fights with the other driver. The thing that you require to do is to verify whether everyone is acutely hurt in the accident. Check first to inspect yourself for any damage, and watch out for others. Assess the point of injury of the concerned populace in the accident. Also, check to see if anyone else has been hurt so you can use your third-party car insurance to get the money for compensation.

Search for Medical Attention

The health and safety of you and your passengers are the most important considerations in a car accident. As any competent attorney will advise you, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as the accident occurs. If 1 800 ask Gary are still at the scene of your car accident, you should get checked out. Take the time to get checked out if no one comes to the accident and you believe you can safely get to a hospital. As a result, you should write down anything your doctor says. Get a copy of your doctor’s report and any prescriptions given to you. Your chances of winning a court case are enhanced by having more information.

Register the FIR

Inform the police as soon as possible about the car accident to avoid legal complications. In the event of a third-party auto insurance claim settlement, you will also need to file an FIR. Also, keep a copy of the police report so you can give it to your insurance company when you claim your car.

Support service

Recognizing the value of recovering safe travel along general Highways and to assist in taking preventive methods and recovering protection of road and help to serve the road consumer, it has started a Toll-Free customer care number to provide 1 800 ask Gary support to road users on extend in case of Emergency/Non-Emergency problem. The Helpline offered a multi-lingual support facility to road customers. It included the other main road operations services such as toll Crane, guard Vehicle,court Ambulance, etc., depending on the need.

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