Class 10 Science MCQs on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Science is a subject which applies to almost all aspects of our lives. In Class 10 Science, Chapter 1, we will learn about ‘Chemical reactions and Equations’, and Chapter 2 will describe ‘Acids, Bases and Salts’. To understand both chapters, we have provided here multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers. These questions are prepared by our experts following the latest syllabus formulated by CBSE for the Class 10 academic session 2022-2023. Solving Chemical Reaction And Equation Class 10 MCQ will give an insight into chapter 1. Go through the complete article to get MCQs of Science chapter 2 for grade 10.

Introduction to Class 10 Science Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

We can see various chemical compositions at home, such as food cooked in the presence of heat, the respiration process, fruits getting fermented, the formation of acid in the stomach, the taste of citric food, etc. All these phenomena belong to Science. Human life is always encircled by these scientific chemical reactions. We represent such reactions using equations that include reactants, products and their physical state (such as solid, liquid, gas) symbolically. It should be noted that, in a chemical reaction, there is always two or more substance involved to result in a new substance. In Class 10 Science Chapter 1, we will learn more about the composition and decomposition of substances with the help of chemical equations.

Another kind of chemical reaction can be seen with acids and bases that turn blue litmus to red and red litmus to blue, respectively. Here litmus acts as an indicator. In real life, we can see turmeric as an indicator which turns its colour on reacting with acids and bases. So basically, we use the indicators to test the presence of acids and bases in a solution or a substance. Also, in Chapter 2, we will learn about the formation of salts along with the evolution of hydrogen gas when acids are reacted with a metal. In the same way, there are corresponding salts formed when bases are reacted with a metal. Learn more about the formation of salts and ions with the help of practising Acid Bases and Salts Class 10 MCQ, provided with solutions.

MCQs on Chemical Reactions & Equations and Acids, Bases & Salts

The multiple choice questions for the ‘Chemical Reactions and Equations’ along with the ‘Acids, Bases and Salts’ chapter are delivered to students of Class 10. Get a quick revision for both chapters by solving these questions and score good marks on the exam.

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