What are Delta 9 Products and are they Safe?

Ever since hemp was made legal again back in 2018, the market for products derived from it has absolutely exploded.  This is for good reason, of course, thanks to the medicinal properties of many cannabidiols.  With this has come the explosion of items labelled with delta-8 and delta-9 in reference to these cannabinoids.

What does delta-9 mean, and is it safe for human consumption?  This question has weighed on my mind since the first time that I saw a label with it, and it has encouraged me to start digging deeper on the topic.  Today, I would like to share my findings with you, and hopefully soothe any worries that you may have had.

First Thing’s First: What is it?

As we begin to tackle this topic, you may want to look at an article such as this one,, which can give you a head start on some of these concepts.  What you need to understand is that all of these popular compounds come from cannabis plants.

Colloquially, it is typically referred to as hemp or marijuana.  The difference between the two is how much THC is found naturally within the plant.  So, the former has a much lower concentration of THC.  This chemical is the one responsible for giving people the euphoric sensation of a high.

Delta 9 is a type of THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol.  It is the most common type that occurs naturally in these plants, though delta 8 does occur in small quantities as well.  So, it is one of the parts of the plant that has psychoactive effects.

Is it Legal?

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The next question that we need to ask is whether it is legal where we live.  You may want to look at your local laws and regulations before you purchase delta 9 products.  This is because generally speaking, they are only legal in states where marijuana or medical marijuana use is approved.

That being said, if you are still on the fence about it, you could try Hifi Farms or brokers like them to test out some of the items that have this chemical before you commit to large quantities of them.  Just do your research beforehand and everything should go off without a hitch.

Is it Safe?

Now that we have covered legality, as that is quite critical of course, it is time to examine whether this substance is safe for us to use or not.  To some extent, the verdict has not entirely been made.  That is because the FDA has not officially approved any products using the chemical.

That being said, there is little to no evidence that delta 9 is harmful beyond normal marijuana usage.  It produces a very similar effect on the body, meaning that it can reduce anxiety and dull or diminish sensations of pain.  However, there are some common side effects that many people report, such as drowsiness, hunger, anxiety, or nausea.

Delta 9’s psychoactive elements and impacts are stronger than that of delta 8.  It is far more abundant in the plants as well, meaning it is easier to extract.  That is why some brokers have much more of the former chemical in their products as opposed to the latter.  The choice between the two will of course be up to each individual consumer.

Is it Worth it?

In our quest for more knowledge, this is the final topic that I would like to cover today.  In terms of some of the sources that I used, if you are curious, here is another one.  Hopefully, you can utilize them as well to help advance your own understanding of the difference between delta 9 and delta 8, and why we should care in the first place.

Now, delving into whether these products are worth it or not, it is a bit difficult to offer you a blanket “yes” or “no.”  I am sure that is a bit disappointing to hear, since no one wants to read someone waffling between the two but let me explain.  It will largely depend on your own preferences and tolerance for the psychoactive effects that either of them can have.

If getting “high” does not sound appealing to you, you may not want to get delta 9 products.  However, if it is not something that you are averse to, and you think that it could help you manage a chronic condition, you can always give it a try.  The worst thing that can really happen is that you end up not liking it.

People dislike products all the time, and there is no shame in that.  You can also try out a variety of different items that contain it to figure out the way that you prefer to ingest it, too.

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