Gates, types of gates and their installation

The choice of entrance gate depends on the exterior of the building, the type of fence, if it is already installed, and, of course, on preferences and financial capabilities. In addition, there are nuances, depending on which the choice of entrance gates may be limited to some models.

Types of metal gates

The appearance of the gate should be in harmony with the appearance of the immovable object on the territory. A gate made of white sandwich panels around a building in the Gothic style will look completely absurd, and wrought iron gates with polycarbonate will absolutely not suit houses in a minimalist style.

Types of gates

  • Entrance gate
  • Industrial gates
  • Garage doors
  • Panoramic gates (a mixture of industrial and garage gates with built-in double-glazed windows)

What should be the gate?

First, to be combined with the fencing system around the site and building.

Secondly, they should be practical with a convenient configuration: you yourself choose which type of opening will be the most comfortable for you.

Thirdly, they should not interfere with passers-by when opening and block the roadway.

According to the method of opening, entry gates are divided into:

  • Swing, the design of which is classic. Structurally, there are two flaps that, when opened, open outwards or inwards. The most ordered option. This option requires free space in front of the gate, as the car will need to be placed at some distance from it, at the distance of the open leaf.
  • retractable or sliding. It is a leaf that rolls away, thanks to the rollers, along the canvas of the fence along the console either to the left or to the right. Such gates are also called cantilever type gates. The use of a sliding gate is convenient in case of a lack of free space in front of the entrance to the yard. The car can stop close to the gate.
  • lifting Types of lifting gates are lifting roller shutters, lifting sectional and swing-lifting. Such gates are most often used to design a garage, industrial entrance, since not everyone can get used to the unusual opening of the canvas in everyday life. They consist of a single structure. If installed to mark the entrance to the opening of the fence, they will cover the entire opening of the fence. To open or close them, automation is used or it is done manually. Turnstiles are quite expensive. Can be pushed out. At the same time, there is a visor over the entrance . The advantage of such gates is the value of the canvas. This feature is an additional protection against breaking the gate.

So, let’s analyze which gates are installed most often, their appearance, namely the type of filling of the canvas and their installation:

The gate is made of euro-frames

The gate with the filling of the canvas with euro pickets has a characteristic classic appearance, and is ideal in combination with a picket fence. Choosing a picket gate with one-sided filling will reveal the inner decoration of the yard, and with a two-sided location of the metal picket, on the contrary, it will hide it, turning the entrance into an opaque canvas. In our production, it is possible to paint the gates in any color with powder paint, which will give them anti-corrosion qualities and resistance to UV rays.

Wrought iron gates

They have a high cost and high reliability. They have an attractive appearance and a large weight. Operational possibilities are simple. Important elements for further installation of gates and wickets are hinged posts and frames. Their main task is to hold the weight, preventing the gate and wicket from sagging. Installation of forged gates is carried out with the help of an assembly group, because they have a large weight.

Polycarbonate gate

They are made of polymer plastic, which can be of two types: cellular and monolithic. Polycarbonate is visually translucent, the color of polycarbonate is different. In terms of wear resistance, polycarbonate occupies a high position. Often, forged elements are added to give a more spectacular appearance. As a rule, the base is forged. The color of the powder paint for the forged base is selected according to the color of the polycarbonate or, on the contrary, given color with the help of a paint sprayer. They differ in their original appearance. Sometimes a base for polycarbonate from a welded mesh is used

Mesh gate made of welded mesh

Gates made of welded mesh belong to the mesh type of gates. They are a traditional option for a country house or country house.

Against the background of the fence, they will stand out. The entrance is always resistant to strong winds and will not obscure the plants growing in the flowerbed in front of the house. After installing these gates, you will see how durable and easy to operate they are. In many buildings, they are considered the most popular, and they successfully withstand the overall style in the design of the surrounding area.

Gates made of sandwich panels

They consist of two metal profile sheets with thermal insulation located inside. . The cost of gates made of sandwich panels is high. Quite simple design and easy installation. Therefore, you can install them yourself.

The gates are solid metal

They are made from a large metal sheet or a profiled galvanized sheet with a polymer coating. Decorating with various forged patterns and elements can be a good option, combined details look great. You can apply a combination of two planes. On top of the hollow base, the lattice will look great.


Solid gates can also be paneled. A slatted gate is made by stamping a metal sheet into identical rectangles, which, when assembled, resemble an enlarged chocolate bar. The so-called filonka is quite popular among the owners of country cottages and private houses.

Gates with filling blinds

The gate with blind filling will make an unforgettable impression on your guests. Creating the illusion of a closed space from the outside, such gates open the view from the inside.

The cost of shutter gates is quite high, but they will be able to pay off their cost with the rest of their value with enthusiastic visitors and high protective characteristics. A spectacular look can be given to blind gates not only by any color, but also by choosing a texture. The peculiar relief of the gate surface in color will unfailingly emphasize modern buildings. Pay attention to such textures as “sandpaper” or “crocodile” – an impressive sight!

Automatic gates

Metal types of gates produced by our company, sliding and swinging, can be automated. Moreover, automation can occur either immediately, at the time of installation of the entrance group, or on already installed gates. Automation sets for gates, more precisely for types of gates and their installation, are selected individually, since a certain type of automation corresponds and is suitable for a certain type of gate. For example, industrial gates need a set of automation with increased intensity of use, because many cars pass through them per day. Therefore, the engine in such a kit must be powerful.

The choice of gate design, types of filling of the canvas are various. It is necessary to take into account that they are combined with the material and shape of the fence. The Wrought Irons Gates Sacramento company offers manufacturing and the opportunity to buy gates with the possibility of delivery and installation.

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