Things you must know about Agile Velocity

Talking about agile velocity, it is used to measure the amount of workload a software development team can complete in a time period of around two weeks. Wish to know more about it? Click here to learn more, and keep reading. 

How useful is agile velocity? 

Talking about usefulness, agile velocity is considered to be quite a useful planning tool that can help software development teams predict how fast a project can be completed and how long it can take to finish a particular project. 

How is it calculated? 

To calculate the agile velocity, you need to take into consideration the amount of work completed by the software development period in the previous sprints. For instance, if the team finished 20 tasks in a two-week sprint, where each task was worth 3 story points, the agile velocity of the team is 60 story points per sprint. 

How can it help in software development?

Most of the time, the agile velocity doesn’t change during the development of software, so, it proves to be quite useful to predict how long it will take to complete the software development project for the team. The agile velocity can allow you to measure the backlog in terms of story points, and this can give you an idea about how many more sprints are required to be done with the entire project. However, if any new members are added or removed, you must calculate the agile velocity all over again to get the correct results. 

How can it help in improving the efficiency of the team? 

As agile velocity gives you a proper idea of the time frame required by the team to finish a project or task, you get to know the efficiency of the team. Now, you can take the required steps or set new goals to improve the efficiency of the team, and this method has been proven to be quite effective in enhancing the productivity of a software development team. 

Summing Up

As of now, you are no longer confused about what agile velocity is and how it is used by the software development teams. However, apart from the above-mentioned points, there is a lot more to know about agile velocity. If you wish to know more, you can do some more research and can take help from the experts in the field, and then can utilize it to the fullest. 

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