Summary of the Most Detailed Lotto Playing Experience from Experts

Experience in playing lottery Provides players with methods to predict and calculate totals. From there, find potential numbers to raise and earn huge rewards. For you to better understand this effective way to play, please grasp the sharing from 789BET Link Mới experts summarized below.

What is a lottery?

Before knowing the experiences shared by experts, players need to understand clearly What is lottery?. In fact, lottery is a popular form of betting and earning prizes today. Players place money on the lucky number and wait for the latest lottery draw to know the results.

If it matches the numbers at the end of the Special Prize, you can receive the amount of money you want. There are many different types of lottery bets such as 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers,… depending on the conditions and preferences of the bettor.

Summary of 7 lottery playing experiences from experts

Lottery experts often have their own betting styles that are highly effective when they have many years of experience. Players can refer to and apply their sharing to increase their chances of winning. Especially for beginner lottery players lottery experience below is really helpful:

Experience playing lottery according to memory

Silver memory is a simple way to play lottery but many players apply it and get success. To apply, players will remember the potential lottery ranges and play accordingly the next day. For example, if the probability of the previous lottery drawing having numbers 2 and 3 appearing is high, then now you can bet on numbers 23, 22, 33,…

Apply experience in predicting falling lots

Falling numbers are numbers that have appeared in at least 2 lottery prizes in 2 consecutive days. Usually people will measure over a period of 1 to 5 days. However, there are also special cases where batches repeat for 10 days. Faced with this situation, lottery players need to pay attention to make the choice to play according to the falling number. With the way bet according to falling numbersHere, you will have a chance to receive high rewards. However, the bet will not be won if you choose a cycle that is too many days.

Screenshot 36

Experience in playing lottery with 0 ending 0

Head 0 tail 0 isHow to play lottery effectively applied by many people. Accordingly, participants will assign 0 to the beginning and end, separating 1 number into 2 numbers. For example, if you are following the number 59, then add more money with 50, 90, 05, 09.

At this time, the lottery player will have 5 potential numbers to choose from and raise according to a certain cycle, usually from 3 to 5 days. At that time, betting is met with extremely high efficiency. However, this way of betting requires you to have a stable amount of capital to maintain.

Apply double lottery

Playing double lots is also lottery experience that many experts have shared. This style of play is effective with an average win rate. Accordingly, you will type numbers in the form of AA, BB, CC, DD. For example, in the previous period, it was about 26, based on the double lot, we had 22 and 66 as the numbers we should invest in.

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Playing the total of the Special prize is a good lottery experience

If you want to have a more professional and effective lottery strategy, apply the calculation of the total Special Prize. This is a way to play that many people use because the possibility of winning is high. This way of playing includes 2 steps: calculating the number of prizes and adding up the total.

For example, if you only want to predict one prize, take the nearest Special Prize number sequence like 83210. We have a total of 14, players combine the numbers 14, 18, 13, 12, 11, 10, 48, 43, 42, 41, 40. Now that you have a potential number sequence, make a prediction and bet to get the amount of money you want.

Screenshot 37

Predict results and collect prizes

Predict the numbers, analyze the results and choose potential numbers lottery experience effective. However, this way of playing requires you to have time to calculate, consider, and find the best number. Accordingly, please list the results of at least 2 recent Special prizes, and a maximum of 5 prizes.

You look at the lottery and recognize signs such as double lotteries, 0-head, 0-tail, triangular lotteries, etc. Now write down the results found from statistics and bet during the week. Lottery players are required to have a high amount of capital to be able to apply it smoothly.

Play lotteries sequentially

If you do not want to calculate or predict, you can apply lottery experience It’s simply a game of tailgating. This type of bet is also known as head to tail. As the name suggests, the units number first will be the tens number later. For example, the player bets money with 12 – 21, 67 – 76, 98 – 89, 24 – 42,… from random lucky numbers.

Details lottery experience has been shared above, players should not ignore this useful information. Accordingly, when you apply your bets, you will have a professional and correct playing direction. At the same time, the opportunity to receive bonuses also increases.

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