Brawl Stars Beginner’s Guide

Let’s begin with the most valuable tips and tricks for Brawl Stars. Check each recommendation thoroughly and move at your own pace. If Brawl Stars seems worth the time, you can find more information from a trusted Site like U7BUY. There’s enough information to improve your game and become a pro player.

Controlling Your Brawler

Let’s Begin the Beginner’s Guide with the basic part of every video game: controlling your character. First, you move around the map with the “left stick” on your screen. In mobile terms, it’s a little space where you drag your thumb and give direction to your movements.

Secondly, you have an attack button where you throw your attack in the direction your character is facing. Lastly, the ultimate button gives you a devastating ability that activates eventually. 

Most noteworthy, you can move the position of the touch controller in the Options menu.

Brawler’s Attributes

After a while, you’ll discover that each Brawler tends to respond differently to your commands. Some characters will have faster speed or different ways to throw their attacks. 

Furthermore, they have unique attributes that make them tolerate a certain amount of damage or distinctive effects on the battlefield.

Test each Brawler, find a favorite(s), and dominate their gameplay mechanics.

Managing Your Currencies

Like any other mobile game, you will discover many random numbers on the top of your screen. In Brawl Stars, you’ll find:

  • Power Points: Needed for upgrading your Brawlers. 
  • Coins or Gold: A scarce currency that helps you unlock abilities to your Brawler. For example, Star Power or Gadgets.
  • Credits: Meaningful currency used to gather Brawlers into your account, which enhances your overall experience. With more Brawlers, you will have more ways to experience each game mode.
  • Chroma Credits: Unique in-game currency that helps you unlock “Chroma Brawlers.” These characters only appear behind season passes (Brawl Pass). 
  • Bling: Gathering this resource will help unlock multiple cosmetics into your account. 
  • Gems: Lastly, the “Premium Currency” frees the premium path of the Brawl Pass or many cosmetic items.

You can find many Brawl Stars Accounts with some currencies already on them. Indeed, you can start playing with an upper hand and gather tons of new goods for your Brawlers. Check the “META” or advanced techniques before you invest your currency in costly upgrades.

Game Modes

After all that information about the different currencies, the next part is having fun with Brawl Stars. You will find astonishing options such as:

  • Gem Grab: You collect ten gems and survive the enemy’s attacks.
  • Brawl Ball: This game mode comes with unique characteristics that change Brawl Stars into Soccer (or Football)
  • Showdown: Play alone or with a friend against other players.
  • Bounty: Find your target and take them down.
  • Heist: Destroy the enemy’s safe and take their goods.

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