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How to Wholesale Real Estate Step By Step

Real estate is a great profession, but not that easy. On the other hand, wholesaling is simple among all its branches. It refers to getting a property from a seller and sells it to a buyer. It has fewer issues and great profit if you can earn it. So, you should start it, and to know how to start, you can follow these step-by-step guidelines. But, I must tell you to be confident and gather the knowledge that you will need for this business.

Step-By-Step Process of Wholesaling

Wholesaling is a simple concept that you know from the intro now it’s time to know how to do it. So, follow these steps:

Step-1: Marketing

The vital thing of wholesaling is to get it going. It’s necessary to understand that the market gives you deals that you need for business; if you don’t find any deal at all, you won’t have a business. 

Step-2: Fielding Calls

You have done all the marketing stuff. The real estate market, as well as people, knows you are a wholesaler. The next step is to get responses that you will get a lot if the marketing skill of yours is good. 

Step-3: Gathering Information              

If you are a wholesaler and going to wholesale a property, then you must know all the important information about that property. 

Step-4: Inspect the Property

Inspecting a property before buying is very much important. If you are an investor and wholesaler, then you must understand how to evaluate the renovation of a property. 

Step-5: Negotiation

Accept the fact that a seller will call you saying he is going to sell his property at 70% of the after repair value minus the repair cost. All sellers want to get top dollars for their home. 

Step-6: Get It under Contract

All done with negotiations and finally got the deal. Now, it’s time to sign a contract with the seller. That is important because of the legality of the deal that you are doing with the seller. 

Step-7: Introduce to Your Wholesaling Team

It’s time to take it to your team. The legal paperwork should go to your attorney. That is because the attorneys do all the heavy lifting for you such, as title reports and closing the deal.

Step-8: Identify a Buyer

You have cracked the deal; now, the only thing that is missing is a buyer. That’s why you have to identify a buyer and tell him about the property that you intended for wholesaling. 

Step-9: Assignment of Contract

Sign an agreement with the buyer that you are transferring all the rights and responsibilities of the property to the buyer. 

Step-10: Control Everything

Make sure you have all the controls because it is the most important thing to remember, especially control the closing part with the buyer and seller. Now, the controlling part is vital because if you don’t control the deal properly, you won’t get the profit you expected. 

Step-11: Closing

The last part of the wholesaling is closing. It’s also known as the settlement. In this part, as a wholesaler, in that case, you have to sign all the needed documents and do paperwork. 

Step-12: Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and repeat; you are done.


These are the steps that you can follow if you are new in the real estate business and want to wholesale a property. Correctly follow these steps. 

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