You would be surprised to know that two out of every three managers serve as Project Managers without PMP certification. It resulted in the failure of almost one-fourth of the projects in 2017. Project Management is crucial for any business, no matter which industry. The right Project Management team can help guide business growth. Also, well-executed projects will ensure success, eventually resulting in a positive client experience.

Around 46% of digital leaders point out inefficient Project Management. Inefficiencies can lead to a lot of waste of money and time. A successful Project Manager will ensure that each task of the project stays on track. This automatically ensures that the project is completed in time and remains under budget. This shows that there is a great demand for skilled and experienced Project Managers. Take a look at the reasons why PMP certification can help you bring advancement in your career.

  • Adds Credibility:

According to a report by Project Management Institute, it is estimated that companies will need approx. 88 M in Project Management roles. While searching for a job, it becomes difficult to give a definite proof of your skills. It will give your resume a credible look, presenting you as a trustworthy candidate.

  • Career Growth:

The PMP certification will not only help you gain new skills but also expand the way you achieve growth. It allows you to stand out among your colleagues. Along with growth, it will help you get an increase in your salary also. According to PMI, more than 80% of people getting certificates have 22% more salary than non-PMP professionals. The increase in salary also greatly depends on the organization you work for.

  • Stay Updated:

In this rapidly changing corporate world, you have to keep up with the industry trends. It provides you with an edge over your peers. Project Management Institute continuously updates the course content. They are upgraded according to current industry standards and trends. This means that you will always learn about the latest trends in Project Management.

  • Become A Part Of The Community:

When you start the PMP certification, you also become a member of the PMI club. There are more than 700 thousand certification holders today. You get an opportunity to meet people with the same interest. Being with those people, you learn new things from each other’s experiences. You get a chance to build relationships with influential people in your industry. They can be really helpful for your career, whether for a job or a recommendation.

  • Adds Value To The Organization:

Today more companies want to play their role as industry leaders. Once you are done with sufficient study for the PMP course, and after that, you pass the exam. You will realize the benefit and value you add to the organization. You will handle the obstacles better, and it also improves your ability to organize the team. It will assist in giving you command as a respected manager within your organization.

  • More Responsibilities:

A PMP certification shows that the person has the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to take on challenging projects. This allows the professional to work in important roles. It makes you the candidate worthy of greater responsibilities leading to finding more stimuli in their work. With each and every project, you gain more skills, eventually improving your profile.

  • Increases Your Marketability:

A Project Management certificate will not only help you perform better in your current organization. But also increase your marketability when reaching out for new opportunities. You will be able to showcase your ability to adapt to any challenges. Usually, different cultures and demographics have different requirements and expectations from the professional. But, Project Management Professional Training is recognized internationally by the business community. It will legitimize your experience anywhere on the globe. Moreover, you are eligible to seek employment wherever the jobs are available in Project Management. Companies will be more apt to select you for their requirements.


In this rapidly changing competitive business world, you need to constantly upskill yourself. To become a successful professional, you need to be aware of the current ongoing work in your field. So, if you are planning to work in Project Management for the rest of your life or just for a period of time. You need to invest in Project Management Certification. This will help you build the right skills that will be essential in facing any challenges. The learnings you gain from the course will assist in accelerating your career growth as a Project Management professional.

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