Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Corporate Event

There can be plenty that goes wrong during a corporate event when you’re planning it. Especially when you have little to no experience in how to actually plan them.

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There are several dos and don’ts that you can follow to help you plan your corporate event and better be prepared. There are dos and don’ts for a few things like scheduling, setting, and setup/communication.


One of the biggest things that you should do is start planning early and work on scheduling. You should start scheduling early so that you can fix any issues that will possibly come up with things like vendors in the future.

Getting scheduling out of the way early will also help you to focus on other tasks as the event grows nearer. You don’t want to be worrying about a caterer when you also have to worry about entertainment at the same time.

One of the biggest don’ts in terms of scheduling is that you should never schedule an event near major holidays, events, or major happenings. This should be obvious!

Scheduling an event near a holiday can be bad for attendees as well as vendors because they may not be available because of that holiday and events or major happenings could cause schedule conflicts. 

You should also schedule your entertainment early as well so that they don’t have any issues. Comedians like Josh Denny are good options to provide entertainment.

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The setting is important information that should be one of the first things that you figure out. Without a location, there is no party!

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A big thing that you should do is to choose a venue that will have everything you need. Make sure that the venue can accommodate all of your needs including audio/visual requirements, catering, transport, and the number of your guests.

If the venue can’t hold all of your guests, then you need to find another place that will. You can’t have half of a party, you need everyone there!

One of the biggest don’ts that you should never do is skip the walkthrough of the venue. Just saying that it’ll work will not work! That’s just being lazy and unaware of the many issues that will most likely occur later on.

If you don’t do the walkthrough, you won’t know if the size is right for the number of people as well as other things like audio/visual capabilities and even transportation. You should be the first person that walks through that place to make the correct determination as to if it will work for your party or not.


One of the biggest things that you should do with setting up and communicating, is simply calling your vendors and talking with them to help sort out any details or confusions that you guys might have about something.

If you don’t talk to your staff/vendors, then how are they supposed to do their jobs if you don’t direct them on what to do.

One of the biggest things that you don’t do is neglect to communicate with those vendors as talked about above. They can help you if you don’t talk to them!

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