The Rise Of E-Sports

E-sports have become widely spoken and written about, and the number of players and spectators has simply expanded exponentially, and yet there are still many myths and mistruths bandied about. This article will attempt to explain the rise in e-sports and examine the type and nature of those e-sports that are likely to be sustainable and long-lasting.

What are e-sports

It is definitely not simply a flash in the pan, and based on the amount of money that is being invested in the sector is proof that it will be around for years to come. Games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counterstrike are but a few that have driven the competitive gaming industry to expect over 620 million viewers by 2023. It is a huge online culture that has become a massive industry. It is becoming a virtuous cycle in that the more people play, the more money there is to develop the tech and viewer experience, and the more companies, advertisers and marketers, media outlets, and brands look to use these popular platforms to engage with potential customers.

Why the global interest in esports?

It’s about the competitive nature and the ability to be more social around the game. Being able to choose a side and watch them work their way through the game or defeat the other team provides for heightened viewer interaction and excitement. This also includes the ability to now bet on e-sports as the trend spreads around the globe, and likewise, there are New Zealand online casinos that are doing well, where again the level of competitive games and live table games that are social has been the basis of such growth and player interest.

What this means for the gaming industry

The continued rise of esports has seen this gaming sector emerge as the next social media and social marketing platform of choice for many. With so many people interested in playing competitive games online and increasing the level of interest by betting on these sports has made the e-sports industry is the biggest thing in gaming both now and for the foreseeable future. Games that do not offer this a part of their playing platform will be left behind as gaming is now all about heightened competition, played in front of a vast online audience.

There has been a remarkable increase in e-sport spectators

From the first computer game competition in 1972 at Stanford University where Spacewar! players were watched by a handful of students. Things have come a long way. The global e-sport spectator numbers are now around 300 million viewers who are either traveling to watch events live or logging on to Twitch on a daily basis to watch their online heroes play. This has driven the marketing and advertising sectors related to the games and, in turn, driven the increase in players and spectators even higher.

The shift and rise of the global e-sport industry have had a significant impact on many aspects of daily life. While many of us may play socially, the main aspect driving the uptake of e-sports is arguably its competitive nature.

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