7 Content Ideas to Elevate Your YouTube Gaming Channel

Are you ready to take your YouTube gaming channel to the next level? Of course, you are! 

To achieve this goal, you need to have a diverse content strategy to grow your viewership and build a loyal community.

If you’re looking for content ideas for your channel, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be discussing 7 types of engaging videos you can create for your channel to drive subscriptions and increase engagement levels. 

Go live and play 

This is perhaps the easiest type of content you can create. Showcase your gaming skills by conducting live streams of you playing your favorite games. You’ll play the game anyway, so why not make content for your channel in the process? 

Just have fun and boom! You have a new video for your channel.

Live streams also provide the opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time by replying to their comments and questions. Before you know it, you’ll have a community of loyal followers who tune into your channel regularly.

Once you are done playing, you can keep your live stream as a video on your channel so that people who discover your channel in the future can also enjoy it.

Create gaming tutorials 

You’re a pro gamer, that’s why you created the channel, right? Now it’s time to prove that to your audience by creating tutorials for games of your choice to help them get started with a game or polish their game-playing skills. 

Mention and show the solutions to prospective problems players might have while playing a game, whether it’s getting past a tricky level or understanding a weapons system. 

Here are some examples of engaging tutorial videos you can create for your channel:

  • How to do a particular mission in GTA.
  • How to play Call Of Duty like a pro.
  • Tips for winning in Fortnite Battle Royale.

When you’re playing a certain game, pause and think about any aspects of the game that took you a lot of time and practice to get a hang of. Share your learnings regarding these in the tutorials.

Showcase your equipment 

Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your gaming setup and recommend any equipment (PCs, headsets, and controllers) that enhances your gaming experience. 

Create unboxing and product testing videos for any new gaming equipment you purchase. As the engagement levels of your videos and subscribers on your channel increase, you might also be approached by gaming equipment companies who’ll send you their products to test out. 

Share your honest opinions about the products you review and provide your viewers with helpful information.

Share gaming news 

Keep your audience informed about the latest gaming news by creating videos like the following:

  • New game launches and videos of you reacting to them.
  • News (e.g., release dates) about suspected game launches and the features they are expected to have.

With videos like these, you can establish yourself as the go-to source of information for the gaming industry.

Review and analyze games

Whenever a new game is launched, people look for reviews related to it from other gamers before playing it. Some people might even find out about a game years after it launched and scour the internet for its reviews. Gamers want to know an expert’s opinion about the game and decide if it’s worth buying or playing. 

Hence, creating game review videos is always a good idea. Give detailed critiques on the gameplay, graphics, and unique features of the latest games. Analyze the characters of a game by discussing their narratives, backstories, and significance in the game.

If similar games or older versions of a game exist, you can compare the new one to them.

Encourage your audience to share their verdict in the comments, which will also help increase your video’s engagement and discoverability.

Collaborate with other gamers

Partner with another YouTube gamer and invite them as a guest on your channel. You can discuss games, have a live Q&A or even play together. 

Use this opportunity to cross-promote each other’s channels on your respective social media accounts. Give your collaborator with essential promotional material to help them in promoting your channel and the collaboration. This includes the kind of gaming videos you make and your social handles.

With PosterMyWall, creating promotional content for your gaming channel’s social accounts is a breeze. Browse through the gaming templates, select the ones that resonate with your channel’s personality, and customize them to convey your messaging. 

Collaborating with other gamers is a great way to expand your reach and boost your views, especially if your collaborator has a highly engaged and loyal following. 


Growing your YouTube gaming channel and standing out in the gaming community doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether it’s through thrilling live streams, insightful game reviews, or interactive Q&A sessions, each type of content we’ve discussed in this blog offers a unique way to connect with your viewers and showcase your gaming prowess. 

By incorporating these seven content ideas, you can create a dynamic and engaging channel that keeps your audience coming back for more. 

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