6 Interesting Facts About Eyelashes

Eyelashes don’t make your eye pop; it has also created a dramatic look on the face. Everybody has them, but a few people are god-gifted to have longer and thicker eyelashes. You might be thinking about taking care of your lashes because your lashes ruin due to your hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habit. There are varieties of blogs or articles on the internet about various ways and tips to grow your lashes longer and thicker. It is helpful to know several tips, including must remove the eye makeup before going to bed and conditioning your lashes to prevent dryness.

You are familiar with how to set an eye care routine and which eye care products can help to boost your lash growth. You know more about what a lash conditioner is, what serum is, and how they increase eyelashes’ density. Everything in this existence has random facts, and so do eyelashes. In this blog, we will discuss some random and interesting facts about eyelashes that might help you know them better.

6 Random Facts About Lashes

  • Eyelashes Grow in Three Phases

There are three growth phases you can notice in hair and eyelash growth. The first is anagen growth, the active growth period. In this phase, you can observe approximately 90% of growth in your lash. The second phase is the catagen phase, which is the transition phase. This phase only lasts for two to three weeks. Here your lash growth stops, and the follicle shrinks. The last and final phase is the telogen phase or resting phase, where your lashes stop growing and your lash approximately 16 millimeters a day. 

If you want to grow your lashes faster, you can use the best lash serum to promote growth. To purchase this product, you can visit the MD Factor website. Here, you can get a wide range of eye care products that might help to grow your lashes more effectively.

  • Difference Between Two Lashes

If you notice your lashes very closely, you can see too much difference in the density of upper and lower lashes. Generally, the upper lashes have much more density than your lower ones, and the upper lashes have approximately 200-400 lash strands than the lower lashes. 

Sometimes your lower lashes are not noticeable due to having fewer lash strands. You can fill your lashes with eye care products like mascara and apply it with both upper and lower lashes to enhance the lower ones. You can also use the lash condition to moisturize your lashes to protect your lashes from dryness, brittleness, and frizziness.

  • Little Mites Stay in Your Eyelashes

It is not a bad thing to stay tiny mites in your eyelashes. You can not see them because they are only about one or third millimeters long, so they are not see-through. The mites are also known as Demodex and only eat dead skin cells. They are present in the eyelashes and consume the excess oil while eating dead skin cells. It can help to prevent clogged pores and can be beneficial to stop excessive lash fallout. Eyelash mites are a natural cleaning system that can help to keep healthy eyelashes.

  • The Longest Eyelash

Generally, approximately 10-12 millimeters is the average eyelash length. Still, a man has an eyelash of exactly 6.99 centimeters, and this person holds the record. If you are struggling with short and wimpy eyelashes, you can use home remedies in your eye care routine or a lash conditioner to promote the average growth of the eyelashes.

  • Styling Your Lash Since 4000 BC

Various types of eye makeup products can help decorate your eyes to enhance your beauty. Still, eyelash tools were found in Ancient Egypt, and they had the culture to beautify their eyes with eye makeup products like kajal and mascara to them a prominent eye look. We are all familiar with one-eye makeup, which is mascara, and it was invented in 1913 in France by Rimmel.

  • They Fall Out Easily

Generally, your eyelashes fall out very easily due to frequent rubbing of your eyes, lack of care, leading unhealthy lifestyles, etc. Even your eyelash may fall out approximately 3-5 lash stands daily. The eyelash growth cycle is much shorter compared to the hair growth cycle. So, your eyelashes keep short all the time. Also, that is the main reason the lashes are not much longer than other body parts. 

Bottom Line!

Now You know some random and interesting facts about eyelashes. In this way, you know about your lashes better. If you are looking for the best lash serum to add to your eye care routine, you can go through the MD Factor website. Here, you can find various types of skincare, hair care, and health supplements that might be helpful for you. Also, you can get beauty products on this website.   

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