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When choosing the perfect shade for your hair, the task is often intimidating. We need clarification on which should be the best one for us. Hair colorists are often the best experts to help us overcome the dilemma. Sometimes, it is a fusion of multiple shades that look best on us. Certain personal elements decide which hair color will suit you best, and the professionals understand the elements best. When you visit the clinics offering the best hair color service in Gilbert, AZ, the process usually starts with a consultation regarding the best for you.

Factors Determining the Best Hair Color for You

However, let us have a look at the factors that can help you choose the best hair color:

Skin Tone / Complexion

There is no restriction regarding trying out different shades of hair color on particular skin tones. However, as we know about the color complementarity theory, it becomes essential to identify that specific hair colors look the best on your skin while others do not. The idea is to complement the skin color and not overpower the same. For example, dark lilac blonde or hues of chestnut goes best for brown skin tones, whereas burgundy can be a better choice if you have a relatively whiter skin tone. These ideas are universal, and you can observe the results prominently. Hair coloring enhances your personality, and skin tone is a significant part of it. So, choosing a hair color that compliments your skin complexion is always better.


When we discuss personality influencing hair color choice, it may seem to be a skeptical statement. Still, your personality, profession, lifestyle, and everything directly or indirectly influence your hair color choice. For example, highly bright colors like blue or dark red won’t suit your image if you are connected with professions such as teaching. Corporate houses have specific guidelines regarding which hair colors can be chosen by their employees, and you have to adhere to the guidelines. So, overall your personality and profession will also determine what type of hair color you should choose. If you are an extrovert and try experimenting with colors, go for the brighter hues. On the other hand, if you want to keep it subdued and not attract much attention, formal ones like blonde can be great.

Global or Highlight

This is one of the most fundamental dilemmas for anyone who wants to color their hair. Global hair color refers to coloring your hair with a dark hue from the scalp to the strands. It is a typical way of hair coloring that was more popular in the past decade. The recent trends favor the highlights where you don’t color your hair the same from top to bottom. Instead, you just color a few strands of the hair with your favorite color. This type of color looks more natural.

Final Words

Some hair colors include adding higher chemicals to the hair than others. Subtle tones do not involve many chemicals, whereas treatments for hair color, such as bleaching, include the heavy usage of chemicals on the hair. These are harmful to the hair in the short and long run. The hair color that would best suit you also depend on the exciting condition of your hair, If your hair is already weak with split ends and breaking strands, it is pretty tricky and not appropriate to apply solid colors on your hair. If your hair has never been chemically treated and you are willing to start the journey of hair color, go for subtle colors. Observe how your look changes and how your hair reacts to the color. If it reacts adversely, for example, becomes too dry, and lifeless, and the hair fall rate increases, do not apply the harsh chemical color treatment. Instead, opt for natural colors. If your hair can tolerate the chemicals and does not react too adversely to the color treatment, it signifies your hair is ready, and you can now play with colors. Also, do not try to change your hair color overnight radically. The new look may only sometimes get along well with your personality.

Final Words

It is not only the hair color that makes the difference. The clinic you choose can also create a difference in the outcome of your hair color. Choose the best hair color services in Gilbert, AZ, where the expert professional will handle your hair and treat it with care. The service charges may be high, but at least you can stay assured that your hair won’t come in contact with unnecessary harmful chemicals. From the quality of hair color to the techniques – a professional hair color service will always ensure that you have the right hair color at the best prices that suit your personality and your overall style quotient.

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