3 Best Online Bookmakers for Sports Betting

To get the best experience in your online sports betting activities, it’s best for you to use the top bookmaker for sports betting that you can trust. The best bookmakers for sports betting will provide you with plenty of betting options, which can help you win on your bets. Also, there will be plenty of promotional offers you can enjoy as a new user.

Here are 3 best online bookmakers for sports betting:

  1. BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers Sportsbook is an online bookmaker platform that allows you to bet on various sports, including basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and more. You can find the featured matches on the homepage of BetRivers Sportsbook. Aside from the regular online betting, you can also take part in the live betting sessions on this platform and place your bets as the game progresses in real time.


  • BetRivers Sportsbook offers in-game live betting odds and live sports stream, which allows you to watch live sports streaming of your favorite matches and place your odds during their live games.
  • The 2nd chance-betting promotion will allow new users to get up to $100 in free bets if they don’t win in their first bet.
  • You can earn more bonus money the more sport bets you place on this platform.
  1. FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet Sportsbook provides a legal online bookmaking platform that allows you to bet on various sports matches, which also include live matches. It provides rewards for the users that complete personalized challenges on this platform. Also, this is the best legal bookmaking platform you can use to bet on the upcoming World Cup 2022 matches.


  • This platform allows you to multiply your winning chance by using bet boost and super boost, giving you a bigger earning potential.
  • The new parlay feature allows you to place multiple bets and tie those bets in one bet, giving you more chance to win and minimizing your risk of losses.
  • Live betting sessions are available for various sports, and you can monitor the match progress from the FOX Bet homepage.
  1. Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet Sportsbook is a legal online bookmaker platform that provides various gambling-related activities you can take part in, such as sports betting, casino, live casino, online games, bingo, and poker. With Unibet Sportsbook, you can place your bets in various sports events, including World Cup 2022, ATP Finals, NBA, and NFL. It also provides various odds boosts to help you multiply your winning chance, which include World Cup Boosts, ATP Finals Boosts, and NFL Specials Boosts.


  • You can use the Unibet Sportsbook platform in various areas, including South and North America, Nordics, Central and Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltics, and Oceania.
  • There are various welcome offers you can enjoy with this platform, such as deposit $50 and play for $100 bets, casino deposit bonus, and poker bonus.
  • This platform provides various sports betting matches, which include football, soccer, tennis, cricket, racing, and virtual sports.


These online bookmakers for sports betting are the best platforms you can use today. It is legal for you to use these platforms if you live in the supported countries. Be sure to check with your country’s regulations before participating in any gambling activities.

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