What to Consider When Selecting a Rain Gun Sprinkler

When looking for a solution for irrigating your farm or lawn, you need to know if the device you get will do the job and if it is value for money.The rain gun sprinkler is a valuable micro-irrigation device which has become very popular with farmers in Kenya due to their capabilityof discharginghugewater volumesreaching wide radius.

This article will address the features and benefits of the rain gun sprinkler in Kenya.

There are many irrigation devices in the market, the choice of the farm tools and devices you purchase can make the difference in getting the best return on investment and ensure that it leads to profit of your crop.

Prices of the Rain gun sprinkler in Kenyan Market 

Rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya vary with the different brands and specifications like the diameter of the nozzles, the tripod to support the sprinkler, the type of the pipe you use and the radius you would like to cover.

The prices of the rain gun sprinkler in Kenya range from Kshs. 4,500 to 17,500. See below a few samples you may find in the market.

1 inch nozzle diameter Rain Gun Sprinkler with a hard PVC pipe and Tripod; covering 25M Radius  will cost  KES 4,500

1.5 inch nozzle diameter Rain Gun Sprinkler with hard PVC pipe and Tripod; covering 30M Radius will cost  KES 6,500

2 inch nozzle diameter Rain Gun Sprinkler with normal PY40 pipe and Tripod; covering 50M Radius will cost KES 17,500

Benefits and features of the rain gun sprinkler

Multiple uses: It can be used for various uses from small scale like watering your lawn at home as well as large fields irrigation for cash crops like tea or coffee and other crops like kales (sukuma wiki) or greenhouse produce.

High efficiency: It has a nozzle diameter of 10 to 30mm. Which ensures high flow and longer radius of 20 to 60 meters? This will make sure you are able to water your crops efficiently.

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Reduced cost: With the rain gun sprinkler you can reduce the cost expense because you will not need to hire labor and it uses minimum electricity. It also utilized water in a very efficient way.If you visit this site you can more information mynewsweb and by visiting this site you can know this about activesnet. To find more information about importance of edunewszone

Ease of Use: With the rain gun sprinkler you can use the sprinkler without breaking or interfering with the crop. The installation is simple with few components that do not need to be changed frequently.

Components and accessories: The rain gun sprinkler accessory includes a jet breaker that reduces the force of the droplets and ensures you can use it for delicate crops. This means you can use the sprinklers for all sorts of crops.

Other accessories are the interchangeable nozzles. This allows you to use it for various soils and crop stages. You can use it for irrigating water, spraying fertilizers, and pesticides with ease and minimum labor and time. For more information visit this site: cnnnewsworld

How to use the Rain Gun Sprinkler

The rain gun sprinkler only needs a simple three step installation

  1. Place the tripod on stable ground and face the sprinkler to the area you intend to irrigate.
  2. Insert the hose pipe at the base of the inlet of the rain gun.
  3. Irrigate for 20 minutes per block and change to another area until you are done irrigating.


For convenience and cost effectiveness the rain gun sprinklers make it worth and a value add toyour farming experience. Irrigation becomes simple and easy with maximum returns.

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