What are the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in the UK?

Landlords and tenants residing in the UK have numerous rights and responsibilities that are specified under the law. These laws are crafted to protect both parties and ensure fair treatment to all. In this article, we will discuss the key rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in the UK.

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Rights of Landlords

Right to receive rent: Landlords have this right and entitlement to receive rent from their tenants. This is paid every month and is mentioned in the tenancy agreement. A failure to pay the rent to the tenant gives the landlord the right to have a legal course of action to recover his dues.

Right to enter the property 

Landlords have the legitimate right to enter their property for carrying out repair work, maintenance, or inspection of the house. Howsoever, a landlord should always send a prior notice to the tenant and must have the tenant’s consent before entering the said property, except in case of an emergency.

Right to evict

Landlords have the legal right to eject those tenants who have contravened their tenancy agreement, have failed to pay the agreed rent, or have brought about damage to the property. Although, they should always ensure that a valid legal process is followed, which includes dispatching notices and getting a court order.

Right to use deposit

Landlords are legally entitled to make use of the tenant’s deposit to counterbalance any damage or any unpaid dues at the end of the tenancy, however, the said damage should not be nominal wear & tear. The deposit must be held safe under a government-approved scheme and the tenant should be informed regarding the same.

Responsibilities of Landlords

Provide a safe property

Landlords have a legal duty to make sure that the property is safe for inhabitation by tenants. Gas and electrical safety checks, a hazard-free property and any furniture or furnishings that come with the property being fire-resistant are the obligational duties of a landlord.

Repairs and maintenance 

Landlords by law are bound to carry out repairs and maintenance work on the property. Fixing any structural problems, securing the heating and hot water systems and confirming that they are in working order, and mending any appliances provided with the house are some of the legal responsibilities of a landlord.

Protect the deposit

Landlords must safeguard the tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme and provide the tenant with information about the same within a month or 30 days of receiving the cash. Any failure to do the aforementioned may result in awarding compensation to the tenant.

Provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Landlords should supply the tenants with an EPC, which shows how energy-efficiency of the property

Rights of tenants:

Right to quiet enjoyment

Tenants are legally free to live in the property without intrusion from the landlord. The right to live in the property without needless intercessions or meddling from the landlord.

Right to a safe and habitable property 

Tenants have the legal right to live in a safe and habitable property. This includes accessibility to hot water and heating, appliances in working condition and a hazard-free property.

Right to privacy

Tenants have the right to privacy in the property. The landlord should not enter the premises of the property without prior notification and consent of the tenant, except in an emergency.

Right to challenge excessive charges

Tenants are entitled to challenge any extravagant charges or subtractions from their cash deposit towards the end of the tenancy.

Responsibilities of tenants:

Pay rent on time

Tenants have a legal responsibility to pay their full rent or dues on time. Any failure on the tenant’s part can result in the landlord taking legal action to recover the rent owed.

Keep the property clean and tidy

Tenants are bound by law to keep the property clean and in order and to report to the landlord any damage or repairs required.

Use the property in a reasonable manner

Tenants have a responsibility to use the property reasonably without causing either harm or nuisance to neighbours.

Allow access for repair

Tenants are legally obligated to grant permission to the landlord to enter the premises and carry out any repair or maintenance work required around the house

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