Do you know what the characteristics of wooden drums are?

Trống gỗ are an important and indispensable element in Buddhist rituals. It creates a solemn and eloquent atmosphere of the ceremony. So what features does it have? Let’s see the answer right here.

The structure of the wooden drum is very simple

Wooden drums have a fairly simple structure, not complicated and you can see every detail right outside the drum.

Drum body, made from high quality jackfruit wood, aged wood to ensure durability and echo sound

The drum surface is made from buffalo skin through careful processing

The drum body is wrapped with a forest rattan belt to ensure its tightness as well as its firmness.

The drum also comes with a drumstick, usually made of oval wood

The size of the wooden drum has many different styles depending on the customer, but usually the common standard is the diameter of the drum 1.2m; height 1.4m; body bulge 1.3m

The drum stand is carved with a dragon’s head to increase its majesty and have spiritual significance

In addition, the drum is also designed with 4 wheels on the drum rack for easy movement

Made from familiar ingredients

Wooden drums are made from materials that are very familiar to us, such as jackfruit wood and buffalo skin.

Although jackfruit wood is not the best wood, in terms of suitability when making drums, it is the number 1 choice. The selected jackfruit wood must be carefully selected, choosing old trees, no pests, beautiful wood mold to drum can be machined.

After the wood is selected, it will enter the processing process, cut into bars to make the drum evenly. After that, it is dried naturally before being grafted together to form a drum body.

About buffalo leather will be selected thick, highly elastic skins. Leather needs to be carefully selected and processed for the sound of the drums to be struck to have a far-reaching sound. Buffalo skin is cleaned, cut and then stretched to dry to ensure that the drum face seal is tight and tight.

In the end, it will be thanks to the skillful hands of artisans to be able to cover the drum face and make a complete drum. So you can see that the wooden drum is of extremely high quality, with an extremely long life. Especially if you use and store it properly, it will keep its quality and newness.

Nhà sản xuất : Trống Phạm Gia

The various meanings of temple drums

It can be said that Buddhist rituals from adults to children have always had the appearance of wooden drums. The sound of drums, gongs, and various musical instruments creates a solemn and sacred atmosphere, like the sound of the hearts of Buddhists during the ceremony.

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Therefore, this drum has a profound meaning:

Helping Buddhists keep a pure mind and sincere attitude in front of the Buddha’s door

Creating a dignified atmosphere for Buddhist rituals

Helping Buddhists to better absorb Buddhist teachings

Help the practice of monks to be more complete, to ignore hatred and hatred

It is an indispensable element in festivals and festivals of Buddhist culture

Depending on what the ritual is, the association or the worshiping rites, the beat of the drum will also be different. We will also have different emotions when we hear it. But believe that everyone feels peace of mind, pure mind when in the space of temples to hear this drum sound.

So with a few shares above, we have learned with you about wooden drums. Hopefully these few features are enough for you to get an idea of what this product is like.

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