Self-Care After Circumcision

Scar reduction and timely healing are two of the most essential things men are concerned about after opting for a circumcision. This calls for the importance of self-care post-circumcision and ensuring a hassle-free recovery. The best option is to gain extensive knowledge of the procedure involved in recovery and keep in touch with the surgeon who has undertaken the surgery. Securing knowledge about anything has become too simple with access to the internet and various useful web pages developed by top surgeons. If one is looking for relevant self-care knowledge or any other information encompassing circumcision, one can visit this page.

As mentioned earlier, the self-care procedure involves both reductions of scars and timely healing; all the details about both are discussed below:

The Procedure Of Healing Involved In Circumcision:

The normal procedure of healing in circumcision involves changes in the tissues. Therefore some common aftermath that one might experience is bleeding around the area of surgery, mild pain experienced at the time of urination, painful erections, swelling or bruising, and redness. Therefore one must limit certain daily activities to letting the place heal by itself. Some expert advice is mentioned below:

Limit Workout:

Heavy workouts that involve weight lifting are completely prohibited. However, one can walk only if one feels comfortable doing so. It is advised for a person to try walking and increasing the pace every day.

Limit Shower:

Showering must be avoided within 48 hours of the surgery procedure. After that, several precautions must be taken, including completing the shower within 5 minutes, not scrubbing the area, being conscious while drying the area, and ensuring that there is no excess water. Hot tubs must be avoided for at least a week or two.

Refrain From Sexual Intercourse:

As the healing process takes time, one must refrain from sexual intercourse for about a month post-circumcision. This will reduce the chances of friction in the operated area and will fasten the procedure of healing.

Scar Care:

With the natural dissolution of the stitches after two weeks, one can start the scar treatment. Scar treatment in adult circumcision must be undertaken only after successful initial healing. The best time to start the treatment for scar healing is during the formation of scar tissues. To follow the most suitable treatment method, one must seek advice from the respective surgeon and follow all the instructions accordingly.

Final Thoughts:

If, during the healing procedure, one finds any complications or persistent fever; one must immediately consult the respective surgeon and follow the recommendations.

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