Pushpa Review

The Pushpa review is a must-read for all fans of Indian cinema. While the plot is predictable and the film is a drab 180 minutes, the choreography and performances are superb. The cast are strong and Sukumar is a master at writing characters. While his film doesn’t have any originality, he makes sure that his characters’ backstory is layered. He doesn’t want the audience to view Pushpa as a flawless king; he creates layers of complexity in his characters.

While we see the villains and goons chasing Pushpa, he still has a soft spot for his mother and love interest Srivalli, played by Rashmika Mandanna. Pushpa is a perfect example of many societal ills that plague South cinema. His mother was not able to survive and was scoffed at by everyone and her father was illegitimate. Despite being a clumsy thief, he manages to hold his own against all odds and become a successful businessman.

Overall, Pushpa is a good film with some engaging moments. Allu Arjun is fantastic in his role, and his performances are award-worthy. The movie is paced well and has a gripping second hour, but could’ve used a bit more trimming. While director Sukumar is a genius, he should have kept the film’s length under control. There are too many slow moments in the movie and some unnecessary scenes.

One scene in particular stands out. At one point, Allu Arjun’s mother is scolded by the money-lender. Upon receiving the money, he demands that the village inform the person of the loan clearance. He then thrashes the person in the village. This scene isn’t part of the original film because of its short run-time, but its release in the DVD has garnered considerable attention among native audiences.

Pushpa: The Rise is an excellent film that sets up Pushpa 2 and makes you curious for the sequel. The cast is fantastic, particularly the two lead actors, Allu Arjun and Fahadh. While this film may be about money, it is also a powerful indictment of class and prejudice. The climax of the film is the slap-up of two generations of the same cast.

Overall, this is one of Allu Arjun’s best performances. His transformation is impeccable, and his dialogue delivery is spot on. The movie is one of his best performances to date, and he’ll continue to make movies like Pushpa. Although Rashmika Mandanna’s role as the village belle is underdeveloped, she still looks okay. Although the romantic scenes have received some laughs, they are a bit cliched.

The second half of Pushpa’s life is as dramatic as it is engrossing. Shekhawat’s gang is enraged at Pushpa’s actions and sends him to confront him. The gangs soon start a bloodbath, but Pushpa and Srivalli survive and move on. The movie ends on an emotional note, so be sure to see it!

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