Parquet Flooring – The Classic Interior Design Trend

Parquet is one of the most classic wood flooring options available. Its timeless beauty has a strong appeal that endures decades after initial installation. Originally popularized in the 17th century in France, this type of hardwood flooring features small wooden blocks or strips arranged in decorative patterns. Parquet is made from both solid and engineered hardwood, and it’s commonly used in homes around the world. Parquet floors are extremely versatile and can be laid in many different styles, colors, and textures. They offer the warmth and sophistication of traditional hardwood floors while retaining an elegant, modern look.

Like any other wood floor, it’s important to choose the right decor to complement your parquet flooring. A wrong choice can clash with or detract from its natural beauty, resulting in an interior design that looks disjointed and unappealing. This is why it’s important to work with an interior designer when choosing wood floor ideas. An expert can ensure the best fit between your decor and your flooring, ensuring that you get the most out of this beautiful style of floor.

If you want to achieve a clean, contemporary look, opt for a light stain. Neutral hues will allow the natural wood grain to shine through and create a more visually appealing surface. Conversely, if you prefer a high-contrast look, consider a dark stain such as ebony or espresso.

Another way to update your wood parquet floors is to experiment with larger patterns. Classic patterns such as herringbone will always be in vogue, but you can also try more unconventional geometric designs to add a modern touch. If you love the look of Art Deco, a combination of mirrored surfaces and metallic accents can work wonders in achieving this style.

For a traditional look, you can also choose to highlight the pattern of your parquet floors by incorporating matching furniture. Items like Chesterfield sofas and wingback chairs have a timeless quality that transcends fashion trends, providing comfort and elegance to any room they’re in. Likewise, the simpler the furniture’s details are, the more they stand out against the intricate parquet designs.

If you want to add a more refined touch to your space, consider adding some elegant wall art. A sizable painting or photo can serve as the focal point of any room, bringing dimension and intrigue. Incorporate a few well-placed accessories such as a woven basket or reclaimed wooden beam to complete your parquet decorating scheme.

Parquet wood floors are beautiful in any style of home, and they can be maintained easily with a little bit of care. Wipe up wet spills promptly to prevent stains, and vacuum your wood floors once a week or as needed using the brush attachment. Apply a coat of wax or wood cleaner once a month to maintain their luster and protect against scratches and gouges. Finally, remember to place rugs in high traffic areas to prevent damage to your delicate wood floor. With proper care, your parquet floors will last a lifetime and continue to impress for generations to come.

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