3 Ways To Make Learning History More Exciting For Modern Students

With school starting in places all over for a new school year, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make learning more exciting for your children or any students that you’ll be interacting with. Because whether you’re a professional teacher or not, it’s always good to know how you can make education more fun and help students learn and internalize the lessons that they’re practicing, especially for important topics like history, which might prove to be boring to some students.

To help you overcome these types of obstacles, here are three ways to make learning history more exciting for modern students. 

Live In The Past

For many modern students, it can be hard to visualize what it was like in the past. Just reading words on a page might not do the trick for them. So to help them really get some first-hand knowledge of the time that you’re trying to teach them about, you might want to find some way that they can live in the past.

To do this, consider what experiences people in that time had that you can recreate for your students or children. This might include living a day with electricity, dressing up like the people from that time period, cooking and eating foods that they had back then, and more.

Take More Field Trips

While doing your own replication of past times can be fun, nothing can replace actually getting to visit historically significant places or seeing relics from the past in real life. This can often make history seem more real when students are able to see things with their own eyes and use their other senses to connect with the past as well. 

If you’re able to, try to plan some fun field trips to places that are related to historical times or events that your students are learning about. While the logistics of this can get complicated, the impact this can have can be immeasurable. 

Try Films And Documentaries

If actually going to a place isn’t possible, either because that place and time simply doesn’t exist anymore or physically getting there isn’t something that can be achieved at this time, you can always use films and documentaries to help you get a glimpse into the past without actually having to go anywhere. 

There are so many great films and documentaries about almost any historical time or event that you can think of. And since these aren’t things that many modern students will have sought out on their own, this can be a great way to expose them to this media in your lesson plans. 

If you want to make learning history more fun and exciting for the children in your life, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in accomplishing this. 

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