Online Business Trends of 2024

Chasing trends can feel like a regular part of business life but looking to the fresh new year ahead and finding out what’s going to be popular in 2024 can give you some idea of what you should be leaning toward. Of course, it’s worth understanding that nothing is ever set in stone, and just because something looks like it might be relevant to businesses in time to come, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be. Equally, some new technology could come out of the relative unknown to shake up the landscape in a way that nobody could predict. Still, understanding the upcoming trends can also better prepare you for any unexpected deviations.


Artificial intelligence is probably the most obvious trending technology of today. While the application of AI in general is still somewhat vague, with certain groups urging caution in its use, there’s also a great deal of curiosity from certain industries like gaming in regards to how it could shape developments moving forward.

However, due to the specifics of its use often being vague and varying from industry to industry, it’s also been a topic that’s been met with uncertainty in how it relates to automation. For example, in many situations, you still need human workers who can train AI and use it more as a tool rather than a straightforward replacement, which might not align with how you initially envisioned its use, making it necessary to do further research to better understand how it would fit into your operations.


When it comes to your business website, it’s common knowledge that you would want to make this as professional as possible so that visitors have a positive impression of your brand. Part of how you might want to go about this could be working with professionals like Kong to implement APIs throughout your website. This will demonstrate an understanding of how this adds to the user experience, creating a seamless interaction with other software components without even leaving your platform.

When you think about how you can make your website as robust as possible, you might think more about the aesthetic design of it, but these more technical aspects can have a much bigger impact than you might have initially thought.

Subscription Models

In theory, subscription models don’t seem like anything new, having been popular since Netflix revealed how successful they could be in a mainstream format over a decade ago. However, the reliance on this model from several different directions has only increased since then. The field of gaming is yet again an example of this, with Nintendo, Sony and Xbox all offering a subscription service of some sort that offers benefits ranging from access to online-play to the download of various titles.

Xbox’s take on this, Game Pass, has been popular in conversation due to how it could relate to the future of gaming in general—whether it works to gear more toward the digital streaming of titles rather than physical ownership, as is currently the case with discs and cartridges.

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