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LinkedIn | Free Download for Android with Simple Steps

LinkedIn is one of the best social media apps that offer lots of excellent features that you will like. It is a great app that will help you to get a job and what you are looking for. It is free to use, and it is easy to use as well. So, you must get the app.

About LinkedIn

Nowadays, the common trend is to be in many different social networks, with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare being the most popular ones. There is another important social network out there; its name is LinkedIn, although its goal is different from the rest. Here, if you are searching for a job, it can help you, and if you are trying to find something better, it will also do. Now, this official Android application offers the same features as the LinkedIn website, which allows us to update our resume, add companies we’ve worked with before, add contacts, co-workers, former employees or supervisors, etc.

However, this social and labor component, the application shows us loads of news related to our labor interest. To keep up to date, all we have to do is consult the app’s main page. At the same time, LinkedIn is a very interesting application for any worker and especially for any non-worker. If you’re looking for employment, being part of this social network will definitely prove favorable.


The features of this application are as follows:

Primary Objective

It allows users to create professional, résumé-like profiles that allow other site members to learn more about their business background, their areas of expertise, and groups or organizations they belong to. Once users create their profile, they can add other users to their network.

Hide Your Connections

You can control exactly how open or private your connections will be and whether they’re visible to other connections within your network.

Export Your Connections

This feature allows users to easily export their connections to other contact management systems. The contacts are downloaded in a spreadsheet – either. CSV or .VCF format. This list will include the contacts’ names, current company names, and email addresses.

Manage Skills and Endorsements

If you use LinkedIn to find jobs, drive traffic to your blog, and acquire new skills, this feature is especially useful for you. Listing down your skills will attract relevant employers, impress people enough to visit your blog, and position you as a unique professional.

Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. If you want to create a business unit that is directly connected to a specific target audience, then creating a showcase page will help you immensely.

How to Download and Install LinkedIn?

You can follow these steps to download and install the game:

Step-1: Go to Google PlayStore.

Step-2: Type LinkedIn on the search box on the PlayStore.

Step-3: Press on the Install button.

Step-4: Wait for a second, and you are done.


I hope now you know why LinkedIn is the best. You should get this app. It is free to use, and you will be able to do various things easily with it.

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