Jun88 Call Center And Things Bettors Need To Know

Jun88 is considered as a bookie that is extremely focused on player care services. The switchboard system is always available 24/24 to serve and answer all questions of bettors. However, some new players joining the game for the first time here will not understand the dealer’s switchboard well. So, please see the following article to learn about Jun88’s customer care center.

1.When do bettors need to contact the customer service center?

Surely you have asked this question when participating in betting at online bookies. When do you think it is necessary to contact the customer service center? Jun88 since its launch has been extremely focused on the player’s experience.

That’s why the support system is always available 24/7 to answer all your questions and problems. If a member has any difficulties, please contact the Jun88 customer care center immediately. Some newbies playing the game for the first time will inevitably be surprised and have questions to answer. Besides, if you encounter any of the following difficulties, please contact the operator:

Bettors encounter difficulties during registration and account login. Or the player cannot make a deposit or withdrawal transaction at the system.

Members of Jun88 have questions about ongoing promotions and events.

Some players do not understand the process and operating method of game products at the house.

Besides, you can also contact the customer service center if you encounter problems and cannot access the system.

When should a bettor contact the operator’s office?

2. Important note when contacting Jun88 switchboard

In order to be able to contact the customer service center quickly and quickly answer your questions, players need to keep a few things in mind:

Bettors need to make sure they are contacting the correct official switchboard of Because now there are many fake bookmakers, scamming information, so please visit the right house link.

Screenshot 2

All members of the house are not allowed to disclose personal information, phone numbers, passwords or bank accounts. If it is exposed, the hacker will infiltrate your account and perform bad intentions to withdraw your money.

Jun88 switchboard only supports and answers information and questions related to card game products at the casino.

Members should contact the customer care center when absolutely necessary to avoid wasting both parties’ time. Especially the number of players of the system is very large, so it may be more delayed during peak hours.

Some notes to remember before contacting Jun88 Customer Care Center

3. Quick method to contact Jun88 switchboard

Every player in the process of entertainment will surely encounter some problems or questions. If you want to contact the bookie’s customer care center immediately, try one of the following 3 ways:

3.1 Contact Jun88 through social networking sites

It can be said that the Facebook platform is the application with the largest coverage today. Therefore, the bookie’s fanpage was born with the purpose of answering all questions and updating promotions for players. If you need support or advice on anything related to Jun88, just send a message directly to the fanpage. The hotline is online 24/7, so it will answer you immediately.

3.2 Contact Jun88 support via email

For people who do not use social networks or do not have an account, the fastest way to contact the operator is by email. During the registration process or if you have any questions, just send an email to Jun88. This method is actually very simple since most people use email. So if you have any questions, please leave a message to the customer service system.

Screenshot 3

Methods to remember if you want to contact a consultant at Jun88

3.3 Access to the Live portal through the house’s homepage

The number of members participating in gaming at Jun88 is increasing day by day. That’s because the newly launched Live casino feature has an impressive interface. Even if you are not a member of the house, you can still watch Live at Jun88 easily. In addition, customers can leave information at the Live portal of the website, customer service staff will contact and answer any questions for you right away.


Above is all the information you need to know if you want to contact Jun88 switchboard. Hope players participating in betting here will have great entertainment moments. What are you waiting for, quickly register an account now for 24/7 support when playing the game here.

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