Instructions on how to play the most effective card game for new players

Card game is one of the most popular card games in Vietnam. This card game also has a very simple gameplay and rules for players. However, there are still many players who do not know about this game. It is for this reason that we will make the most detailed guide on how to play the game for all known players. Please follow the article below to understand how to play and the rules of this card game

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The rules of the card game for new players

The rules of playing card games are also very simple and easy to understand. This card game uses a 52-card deck (excluding the 2 Jokers) to play. In a table, there will be a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 cards. Usually a table will be played when there are 4 players

While playing this card game, each player is attacked by the person on the left and is attacked by the person on the right. If your main dealer has just made a card then you lose the chance to attack yourself and you will be promoted to the player on your right.

While being attacked, the player needs to block all the cards that others attack him, if not, tie up the card and lose his main turn. When receiving cards that others attack, the player must bring up cards of the same suit or give the main card to be able to defend.

The round will continue like this until someone has played all the cards in their hand and that person will win

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Some special rules in card games

Here are some special rules in the card game that all players need to know while playing

The rule of changing 2 hands: This is the case when a player draws cards to determine if the master is different from the 2, now the player who has a 2 must exchange it for that 2 to determine the hand of the game.

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The Rule of Offering: This rule is often used as the person who finishes last will have to offer to the person who comes first in the hand before his or her biggest card. After the offering is complete, one piece is missing, so it will be drawn from the residual venom to get 8 cards. This is mainly for those of you to play offline, I’ll just add.

In case the player who finishes last in the previous game, in the next game, he will have to choose the biggest trump card on his hand to offer to the player who finished first in the previous game. After the offering is complete, that player will have to pick up 1 more filter card to make 8 cards and continue to the next game.

Rule of Law : This is a case where 1 in 4 players, when there is no trump card, will turn the card out and ask for permission to re-deal a new hand.

Rule of white loss: This is the case when a player who has the right to turn over the main card but turns over the main card that coincides with the previous game after 3 flips will be forfeited.

White win rule: In the event that, when the host of the game has been determined, the player owns 8 cards in his hand, it will be counted as a white win

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Detailed instructions on how to play card games

While playing the card game, the person being attacked will have the task of blocking the attacker’s cards. If the player catches all the cards that the other player plays, he/she will have the right to attack the next person sitting on his right. If you can’t block, you will have to pick up all of those cards and lose your turn



After finishing a turn, the player will draw more cards from the filter to get 8 cards to continue the next turn. The order of drawing will be given priority to the person who hits first, the person who gets hit will do the last draw

In this card game, the player will turn the card upside down to draw, not shuffle, the card drawn will determine the owner and continue a new game. Whoever runs out of cards first wins

The order of the cards in the deck

The order of cards in this card game will be arranged in order from large to small as follows: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2. Like so card A will have the largest value and card 2 will have the smallest value

Instructions on how to deal cards

While playing this card game, all players will be dealt 8 cards, the order of dealing will be counter-clockwise. After dealing, a card will be drawn from the stinger to decide who is the master of the hand. The hand drawn will be counted as the trump card and is placed face-up under the clear cards so all players can see it

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Instructions on how to arrange exercises

In this card game, it will not count the collective fish such as duo, swarm, quartet or hall during the game, but only use individual cards to attack or block attacks from other players. So to make it easier to play, players should arrange the cards in order from largest to smallest and separate the main cards to make it easier to see.

Thus, we have detailed instructions to players about the rules of the game and how to play the game through the article above. With our detailed sharing, surely all players have understood all about this card game. Wish players have moments of entertainment and relaxation when playing at this card game

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