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How You Can Use Instagram Downloader for Different Devices

Almost all youngsters want to download videos from their favorite video-sharing sites. But some social platforms such as Instagram and others have no downloading features. They do a lot of searches to find the best video downloader on the internet. 

But there is a fact that Instagram is a favorite social site of almost every youngster. The reason is that it has many unique features which lure young people. You can share your daily stories on routine and many other things. 

Instagram is consistently evolving and its users are increasing day by day. Everyone wants to download videos, photos, and stories from Instagram. You can get the different features with video downloader such as Instagram story saver, videos and photos. Many people don’t have enough knowledge about usage of this downloader. So, here in the following blog, we will discuss the functionality of downloader on different devices. Let’s start 

How to Use Instagram Downloader on iPhone 

As you know, the iPhone has a special application and doesn’t allow many other applications to run. Therefore, many people couldn’t use the downloaders on this device. But you can use Instagram downloader easily. Because it is also compatible with the iPhone. Mostly you download the video from Safari if you have this device.

You simply will go to the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad and copy the post URL of the video or photo. Go back to the Safari browser where the Instagram downloader website should be opened. Then you will paste the link into the input field of the Instagram video downloader and press the right-side button of the field. Within a second the downloading process will start.

How to Use on MacBook or Mac computer

You can use the Instagram downloader on your Mac computer and MacBook too. You can use the same method of copy paste the URL.  For this, you have to install the browser extension or you can use an online Instagram downloader. In this way, you can download your desired video content. 

How to Use Downloader on  Android

Android is a more user-friendly device than the other two. You can download the videos on android easily in several ways. Android can access a video downloader on it and you can use the traditional method of copy paste for video download. Secondly, you can download the APK file which can help you in better downloading. 

Benefits of IG Stories 

There are many benefits of IG stories.

Brand Awareness 

You can download Instagram stories with the help of a video downloader. But why do you want to download and why do people share stories on Instagram? Businesses daily share their stories for branding. They want to be aware of the masses on Instagram. They know the many young people who are on this platform. So, they want to attract them.

As you know, businesses share many informative and attractive videos. that you want to share with your friends and family. So, if you don’t have the video downloader, you couldn’t download the videos. So, for this purpose downloader is inevitable for every Insta user.

Extensive Features of Stories

Instagram is adding super features day by day. Even with Insta live, you can broadcast live along with another user to open up stories. After that, you want to download the video conversation with many celebrities, so if you have the video downloader, you can download your videos and can share them with your friends and family. This interactive feature of Instagram stories has increased the need of having the best Instagram video downloader.

To sum up, you can use Instagram video downloader on every type of device, it is a very compatible and easy-to-use application with great features.

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