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How To Edit Photos For Instagram

Instagram is all about sharing photos and memories over the platform. Users have taken this way seriously and uploaded amazing photos over the platform. You can find photos that are well defined and have great filters and effects put over them. The aesthetics of a picture are sort of right in order to gain more likes and followers. You need to have your best game when it comes to putting up a picture on Instagram. Get yourself know about how to Create a Social Media Content Calendar. Instagram offers hundreds of filters and effects to choose from you can even add in stickers and tag people over your picture. The best part is you do not need a third-party application or a professional photographer to get the lightning and effects over your photo right. Along with Instagram there is a one more complete tool known as Insta Zoom to edit all your pictures. This tool is a powerful yet simple photo-editing app for Instagram. Below are enlisted ways to edit your photos for Instagram.

  1. Begin with a quality photo:

Choose a quality photo to start with. Extremely bad quality pictures or a blur picture cannot be disguised by the filters. Now upload your picture, by choosing the post option on your profile. This helps you put up your picture for editing over the application. when you choose the post option it opens your gallery in the app from where you can choose any desired picture.

  1. Choose a filter:

Your picture could have dozens of flaws, hence Instagram has pre-defined filters to help balance out all the sharp edges and lightning over the picture with the help of its filter. These filters adjust the lightning, colors, contrast, and sharpness of the image in different ways. Some of the best filters are “gingham” or “inkwell” ; these filters create a muted look or a black and white look respectively. You can slide to choose a filter that suits you.

  1. Customize your photo with Instagram editing tools:

On the right corner of the post you can see a circular button which has multiple editing tools to choose from. These tools are adjust, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, and saturation. These tools can be used to add light to the image or enhance the color or sharpness of the image. Other than that you can also add shadow on the picture or fade out the image to get that washed look. you can also use vignette to blur or darken the borders of the picture.

  1. Compile and post multiple photos:

Unlike other apps Instagram provides you a way to post multiple photos at once. You can click on the add sign over the post to add multiple pictures to create a carousel of pictures. All these pictures can be edited individually in order to get better editing effects on each one of them.

  1. Straighten up and focus:

At times you get awesome pictures but the corners are not that great or there is some part of the background that you do not like. Do not worry. Instagram has straighten and crop features to help you crop off all the stray pieces and get the perfect shape for your picture. This tool is the easiest way to restore composition of any picture.

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