How To Play Solitaire For Beginners

Solitaire card game is a game that has appeared for a long time, this is an extremely interesting and highly entertaining game. The special thing is that you can play this game alone without anyone playing with you. Although it is a game that has been around for a long time, there are still many people who do not understand how to play this game. So in order to help everyone play this game proficiently, we will guide you in the most detail on how to play Solitaire. Please follow our article below

Learn about Solitaire cards

Solitaire, also known as a card game, you can play this game without anyone playing with you. Especially this card game can also be played without the need for the internet. This card game also uses a 52-card deck (not including the Joker).

Starting to play the Solitaire card game, players will be randomly dealt 28 main cards face down in 7 columns from left to right, increasing from 1 to 7 cards and 24 reserve cards to be able to draw and choose. Extra cards to match. To win in this game, players must think and calculate to arrange cards in order from A – K but must have different colors

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This is a card game with a very simple way to play, but to be able to win the easiest way, the most important factor is the player’s logical thinking and arrangement of cards

Instructions on how to play Solitaire

In a game of Solitaire, there will be 12 cells used to hold cards. The above will include 5 cells, the first box will be used to hold the reserve cards, the next 4 cells will be used when the player has arranged themselves a sequence of 13 other cards of different suit in order from A – K Below will include 7 cells used to store random cards for the player’s arrangement of cards

At the beginning of a hand of Solitare, the player will be randomly dealt 28 cards into 7 columns and gradually increase the cards from 1 to 7 in order from left to right, and the last cards of the columns will be turned face up. . The remaining 24 cards will be left in the reserve for the player to use during the game. After the deal is done, it’s time to calculate the player’s arrangement of cards

Players will select and move face-up cards so that it forms a consecutive number, the following cards are required to be smaller than the previous card and of a different suit.

For example, if that column has a 10 spade card, the next card the player needs to arrange must be 10 cards or 10 cards, not 10 cards after the first card.

When the player moves any face-up card from any column, the face-up card in the measuring column will be flipped up. If the A card is opened or is adjacent to the suit on the card above 4 boxes, the player will move that card to the upper box.

Players should note, if an empty column appears, immediately arrange any K card in that column to open 1 more card.

When there is an empty space, the player should move any card to so that the face-down card can be opened

If you can’t move the cards in the previous columns, you can click on the 24-card reserve box to get more cards.

After you have completed all the cards and have completed all 4 rows of cards in order from A – K, the game will stop. After that, the player will be totaled based on the number of correct moves of the cards and the number of cards placed in the columns. If the player reaches the number of points and time specified in the game, the player will win

Share Solitaire tips

To be able to win a game, the element of luck is also very important for players. However, luck alone is not enough for you to conquer all the games. To be able to win in the game Solitaire, experience as well as tips are essential when participating in playing this game. If you do not have experience in this game, please follow our sharing to apply in this game.

Know the rules and how to play the game Solitaire

Any game that you want to participate in, first you need to know the rules and how to play the game. This is one of the important factors that can help you win the games. Solitaire card game is no exception, this is a game that requires high thinking and strategy, if you keep moving the cards irrationally, you will hardly win in this game.

Keep your mind up

To be able to win in the Solitaire Card Game, all players must always keep themselves alert and mentally stable. From there, it is possible to see the moves of the cards quickly and win quickly. If the player’s psychology is not stable, it will cause the player to lose his sanity and make unreasonable moves leading to loss

Move the cards properly

This is also a very important element in the game Solitaire that few people know about. You should move the cards in a reasonable way to give you the opportunity to turn over as many face-up cards as possible. If you can’t turn the cards face up, you will be very confused about the moves and it will be difficult to win.

Just now we have shared with you how to play Soliraite simply and effectively. Through our tutorial article, it will be of great help to you while playing the card game Soliraite. Wish you all the best in this game

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