How to make your home feel bigger without extending it

There is indeed a knack for making a small home feel much larger and a large home feel comfortable but not sparse. Unfortunately, a lot of people get both completely wrong. It is easy to fill a small home with large bulky furniture as that seems to be the furniture that is easily available to purchase, and when it comes to a large home, only having a few items of furniture per room can make it feel unlived in, cold and unwelcoming.

Of course, with a large home, you have more space to play with, adding in little extras such as large floor-standing ornaments, and providing them enough room that they can be showcased, but when you are thinking about a small home, you have to think a lot more carefully.

#1 Install a bespoke kitchen

The kitchen is a room that you can really go to town on, from both a money and design point of view. Opting for an off-the-shelf kitchen is likely to cost you room and cupboard space, as one size most certainly does not fit all.

However, there is the option of installing a bespoke, hand-made kitchen, where the cupboards will be designed to fit your kitchen space. This will not only provide you with more internal cupboard space but if you are crafty with the depth of your cupboards, it could provide you with more floor space too. This will make your kitchen area look far bigger, but of course, the benefits of a bespoke kitchen do not end there.

#2 Remove unnecessary items

The next step would be to remove any unnecessary clutter so you can make any room in your home feel more spacious – but at the same time, you do not want it to look sparse or dehumanized. Getting the balance right can be a difficult task, but with time and patience, you should be able to perfect your look.

It is important to box up your items, leaving only your treasured possessions on display. You will likely want to do this gradually until you feel that you have the look you are going for. Remember, you do not have to sell, donate or discard the items that do not fit, they will be quite safe in storage until you want to change the look or feel of your home once more; or until you move to a larger property if that is what you want.

#3 Use clever interior design tips

There are plenty of interior designer tips that can be used to make a small home feel far bigger which you will be able to mix and match or make to your taste. These include: clever purchasing of furniture; wall coverings and room dividers; overall color schemes for rooms; and having the same flooring throughout the home – especially if there are no borders such as wooden steps or metal strips placed between rooms. Others include:

  • Shallow shelving units
  • Smaller couches and armchairs
  • Glass-topped tables and transparent dining chairs
  • Mirrored cupboards and drawer units

Final thoughts

Making your home feel bigger is not an easy trick to pull off, but there are some things you can do to make the whole process easier. You can use color to make spaces seem more open, and augment this by decluttering your space. When making larger improvements, opt for bespoke fixtures that can be built to size to make the most of the space, as well as give a unique feel to your room.

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