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A Quieter Property: How to Soundproof Your Home

Outside chatter, traffic noise, and neighbors’ music can impact happiness inside your home.

Rather than allowing the sound of passers-by talking or cars backfiring to keep you up at night, or wake you during sleep, you must find ways to create a quieter property for you and your loved ones.

Keep noise at bay and enjoy a more private space by learning how to soundproof your home.

Improve Your Window Glazing

Don’t allow external noise to affect your home life. Reach out to window glazing specialists to improve your window glazing.

For example, triple glazing will decrease outside noise, creating a quieter property for you and your family to enjoy day and night.

The more glass in the glazing, the quieter your property will be. Not to mention, it prevents condensation, keeps cold temperatures at bay, and can even add value to your home.

Use Absorbent Furniture and Decorative Accents

A few interior changes could lower outside noise and prevent sounds from echoing or escaping your home.

For example, a thick, large rug will stop noise vibrations traveling along tiles or hardwood flooring, which creates a quieter, calmer space.

Heavy curtains will help to block external noise, such as traffic or conversations, and you can even hang them over interior doors to prevent sounds from traveling from the hallway into your living spaces.

Also, consider installing a built-in closet, cabinet, or bookcase filled with books, as they will absorb noise outside your home that would travel through exposed drywall.

Fix Loose or Squeaky Floors

Loose or squeaky floors cannot only wake sleeping loved ones and affect your property’s resale value, but they could allow much unwanted external noise to enter your home.

Rather than accepting it as a property defect, take steps to fix the annoying problem to enjoy a quieter environment.

Nail down loose floorboards or fill gaps with rock wool insulation or polystyrene sheets to prevent sound transfer.

You will enjoy a more private, comfortable home life, while protecting your property’s sales price.

Seal Door Frames and Sockets

Stop unpleasant sounds from leaking into various rooms by sealing various small gaps.

Door frames and electrical sockets can feature micro gaps that allow noise to flow in and out of your home, increasing discomfort and reducing your privacy.

Say goodbye to the problems by sealing the gaps with a specialist caulk. You might feel surprised by how much a small gap has affected your home’s atmosphere and comfort.

Plant Shrubs and Hedges in Your Garden

Thick shrubs and hedges are not only attractive and colorful, but they can help you enjoy a quieter property each day.

Planting hedges and rubs near a window or close to your neighbors’ houses will dampen external sounds.

It will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable, calmer home every day of the week and will prevent household chatter from flowing into your neighbors’ properties.

Don’t feel uncomfortable in your home. Follow these handy tips to create a quieter, more comfortable property.

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