How Massage Can Help with Migraine Symptoms

Migraines can be extremely painful and severely limit your daily activities. When dealing with severe headache symptoms like throbbing pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, it’s natural to question what you can do to find relief and prevent future attacks.

Massage is a well-known way to treat migraines, and studies have shown that it works. Because of how our bodies work, pain in our heads often goes away when we focus on the pathways that lead up to it, such as trigger points in our necks and getting more blood flowing inside. In the next section, we’ll talk about how massage can help treat migraines and how you can feel better.

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  • Targeting Trigger Points

There are specific points in our muscles known as trigger points. These points can refer pain or weakness to other parts of our body. For instance, the trigger points in our heads and necks are often the source of headaches and pain in the jaw. Trigger points are very common and can occur in any muscle in the body. They are also known as trigger points.

Specifically, massage can help alleviate migraine symptoms by focusing on the trigger points that are often the source of the pain in the first place. Migraine symptoms can manifest in several locations outside of the head, therefore it’s important to target the “beginning point,” or the area(s) of the body most likely to be the source of the pain.

A recent study indicated that more than half of migraine sufferers suffered neck pain during each stage of their episode. Coexisting symptoms like neck pain can aggravate a migraine. Massage can alleviate migraine symptoms by focusing on trigger points.

  • Promoting Circulation

When blood flow is restricted in particular locations, muscles can not obtain the nutrients they require to perform, leading to a variety of symptoms, such as weariness and soreness. This is why massage is so helpful; by applying pressure to the body in various ways, it can encourage circulation to return to places that have been stagnant.

In spite of the fact that the primary reasons for migraines are still a mystery, there is research being done on the events that take place in the minutes and seconds before the onset of symptoms. This research may help explain some of the excruciating symptoms. When a migraine is triggered, certain chemicals are released. These chemicals travel to the outer layer of the brain and have the potential to cause inflammation in the blood vessels. This typically causes the typical painful sensations that many people can feel in their heads, necks, and/or sinuses as a result.

Scientists have also discovered a correlation between the pain of a migraine and reduced blood flow. Maintaining adequate blood flow to the brain is therefore crucial in alleviating the associated pain.

Visit the Massage Experts location nearest you if you suffer from migraines, and speak with an experienced member of our team about the potential benefits of massage therapy for relieving the associated symptoms.

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