Here’s What You Need to Know About Cyber Mondays

After you have enjoyed the scrumptious Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday sales with mind-blowing discounts, it’s time for you to score some great Cyber Monday deals.

In 2019, Americans spent more than $9 billion online on Cyber Monday, making it the biggest online sales day in the country. Sounds grand, right? It certainly does. From tons of high-tech gadgets and gym equipment to makeup items and jewelry, Cyber Monday offered amazing discounts on all product categories. It would not be wrong to say that Cyber Monday is the most awaited day for every retailer (and even shopper). People wait all year for this day to purchase pricey items at affordable rates. However, have you ever thought, who is the mastermind behind this extraordinarily successful concept of Cyber Monday?

The Organic Origins of Cyber Monday

All thanks to Ellen Davis, the senior vice president of research and strategic initiatives at the National Retail Federation, who coined the term ‘Cyber Monday’ in 2005. For multiple years in a row, the NRF observed a recurring spike in e-commerce revenue and traffic on the Monday right after Thanksgiving. They thought the sales were higher because people were shopping from their computers at work, where the Internet service was better than home, and kids couldn’t get a sneak peek at their presents Visit Here:    zeeknews.com

However, in the year 2005, the group issued a press release a few days before Thanksgiving, where they introduced the term “Cyber Monday” to the citizens. That’s when they came up with this wonderful idea of naming it, and the audience was able to hear it for the first time. As per the details shared in the press release, 77 percent of online retailers had observed their sales “increase substantially” on Cyber Monday during the previous year and by NRF calculations, they were expecting the trend to continue. Davis also considered calling the new online shopping holiday Black Monday (after Black Friday), or even Blue Monday, after blue hyperlinks, but they somewhat did not settle for any of these terms. Visit The Site:    expressdigest.net

Why Is Cyber Monday So Popular?

Cyber Monday is famous for its tremendously high online shopping discounts, and hassle-free purchasing as the shoppers don’t have to visit the stores physically to place their orders. Cyber Monday is now officially the biggest online shopping day of the year, surpassing even Black Friday. Did you know that in 2020, shoppers spent around $10.84 billion on Cyber Monday and $9.03 billion on Black Friday? Well, that’s a huge difference! Glock for sale online now on the online store. For more information visit this site : glockforsale

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In 2020 (and even 2021) we had a huge number of shoppers that benefitted from online sales during the pandemic. There were many people who did not want to step out of their house even on Black Friday because of health and safety issues. Therefore, they waited for Cyber Monday discounts making it even more successful than Black Friday sales. Thanks to the pandemic!


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According to a survey, 27% of time-strapped shoppers stated that they found online shopping more convenient. More than one out of five respondents said that 24-hour online shopping availability was a big reason to load up their carts peacefully. While 40% of respondents said that they prefer using a laptop/computer, and another 20% would use their smartphones to place their orders. How can you know about bset website time2business and visit here site newsmartzone and or more visit here site cpanews

Impact of Online Shopping On Retail Stores

Cyber Monday significantly raises the growth of internet retailing. Even prior to the pandemic, the popularity of online shopping was making a huge impact on shopping malls. According to the research conducted by the State University of New York at Buffalo, 96% of the decrease in shopping mall revenue occurred due to Amazon alone.

Cyber Monday was particularly created to encourage shoppers to purchase their Christmas gifts online. In 2019, Cyber Monday sales reached up to $9.5 billion, as per the information collected by Adobe Analytics (reported by Forbes), making Cyber Monday officially the biggest e-commerce day in the United States history.

Whether you have made the list for this year’s Cyber Monday up till now or not, we would recommend you to take care of a few things before you start making one. Firstly, make sure that you purchase from reliable and secure websites only. Secondly, stay away from overspending as it will turn your ‘happy’ shopping experience into a stressful one. And finally, make sure you have the best internet connection in town to quickly load the product images and visit your favorite e-stores. For example, you can always opt for high-speed internet connections like CenturyLink internet which is not only speedy but also extremely affordable for all types of users.

Cyber Monday Sales Trends & Stats

Over the last couple of years, almost half of all Cyber Monday sales occurred on Monday during regular business hours. Moreover, mobile spending increased around 40% more than total sales. Instead of beginning at 8 a.m., Cyber Monday officially starts at midnight and continues to operate throughout the day due to high demand. Consumers tend to check the promotional deals and discount offers all day long.

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Below is the detailed statistical data of yearly Cyber Monday sales. Let’s take a look!

Year Sales
2005 $484 million
2006 $608 million
2007 $733 million
2008 $846 million
2009 $887 million
2010 $1.0 billion
2011 $1.3 billion
2012 $1.5 billion
2013 $1.7 billion
2014 $2.6 billion
2015 $3.1 billion
2016 $3.7 billion
2017 $4.7 billion
2018 $6.0 billion
2019 $7.9 billion
2020 $10.84 billion


Final Word

Cyber Monday sales are continuously increasing nonstop since the dawn of e-commerce and online retail stores. The progress just doesn’t seem to stop (which is a pretty good thing!). As e-commerce platforms tend to expand more, and consumers become more habitual of investing in online shopping, it is now crystal clear that e-commerce is the future of digital purchasing.

However, to avoid any sort of inconvenience while shopping, always ensures that you have a fast internet connection that does not take excessive time to load the web pages. We suggest you get high-speed internet connections like Spectrum so that you can browse freely all day long and enjoy filling up your shopping carts without any delay. Simply dial Spectrum phone number now to get more information about their highly-economical internet packages. Read More About:    mysearchplace.com

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