What is Corner Kick Betting? Decoding Secrets for Choosing Corner Bets from Experts

 What is a corner kick bet?  Which has caused many bettors to be interested and search in recent times? To answer the above question, let’s join the experts to find out in detail all the information related to this type of betting.

 What is a corner kick bet? 

In an era where soccer betting is growing rapidly, bookmakers have been introducing many new types of betting to serve the needs of players. Prominent among them is corner kick betting, a form of betting based on the number of times the two teams in the match take free kicks at the corner arc of the field on New888.

For many people who clearly understand the concept of a corner bet, they can call this type a corner bet or in English, a Corners bet. Although this form of betting is somewhat new to many bettors, it is currently becoming quite hot and popular with many players.

In addition to being easy to play and understand, Corners betting also gives bettors many profitable opportunities with a variety of different playing styles. Therefore, to bet on corner kicks accurately, bettors need to equip themselves with complete knowledge about this type of betting.

Decoding the question of what corner kicks are

What are the common playing styles in corner kicks?

The Corners bet type has a variety of different ways to play the bet depending on the bettor’s preferences. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most popular ways to play corner kicks right below.

Corners Handicap

The form chosen by many bettors is the Corners handicap. In this type of bet, the house will base on the strength of both sides and recent statistics to give a corresponding corner handicap bet. The task of the bettors will be to research the relevant data to make the most accurate choice when placing money.

Explain what the form of handicap betting on corner kicks is


Many bettors, even though they do not know what a corner bet is, choose to put money down on the 1X2 Corners bet. Because this is a basic form of play that is not much different from regular European betting. At that time, the bettor will only choose to deposit money in 1 of 3 betting options offered by the house including:

  • Bet “1”: Choose the home team with more corner kicks.
  • “X” door: The total number of corner kicks of both sides in the match is equal.
  • Door “2”: The away team will have more corner kicks in the match

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How to play over/under corner kicks is extremely simple when players just need to choose 1 of 2 bets:

  • Over: The total number of corners in the match is more than the over/under Corners limit set by the bookmaker.
  • Under: The total number of corner kicks of both sides is lower than the initial over/under level.

This is a form that bettors who understand clearly what corner kicks are choose a lot. Because the way to calculate wins and losses in this match is very simple and players will be less likely to be “cheated” by the house.


If you ask about a type of bet that does not require you to understand the definition of a corner bet to still be able to put money down, it can only be the Corners even/odd bet. In this form, the bettor only needs to make a prediction about whether the total number of corners in the match will be divisible by 2 or not. If the bet is divisible by 2, the bet is even, and vice versa, if it is not divisible by 2, the player who placed an odd bet will win the bet.

Decoding and introducing what is the form of playing odd and even corner kicks

First corner bet

A very special type when playing Corners is the first or last corner bet. Accordingly, this type of bet only appears exactly 2 times in the match. Once before the competition started and once before the match was about to end. Players just need to correctly choose the team that takes the first/last corner and they will win the bet when they go down.

How to choose standard corner kicks like a master

It is not easy for players to make a profit in a special form of betting such as corner kicks. Therefore, bettors need to accumulate the necessary experience before placing money.

Based on real strength correlation

First, bettors need to pay attention to the difference between the two teams in the competition. It should be noted that stronger teams will often create more corner situations. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze in detail whether the difference in strength between the two teams is more or less to be able to make a reasonable choice of down payment.

Evaluating the correlation between the two teams can increase the chance of winning the Corners bet

Analyze statistics

Players should summarize statistics related to Corners bets in recent times for each team such as:

  • Total number of corners received.
  • Number of wins at Asian Corners.
  • Number of times winning European corner odds.
  • Number of corner explosions.

From those data, bettors can calculate in detail the probability of winning the corresponding bet type when going down.


Through the above analysis article, bettors should be able to understand the concept and how to choose in detail What is a corner kick bet?  to achieve high win rate. Thank you readers for your interest and hope you receive many winning bets in the near future.

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