Determining the Time to Settle a Car Accident Case 

If you were injured in a car accident, you probably want to settle your case as quickly as possible to receive compensation for the harm you suffered. You might be looking for an auto accident settlement timetable to help you figure out how much time is required to recover damages so you can start rebuilding and moving on. For more legal help, check out this link

Factors determining how long settlement takes 

You may never know how long an auto accident settlement will take until you are done with it. But, certain factors determine the length of time it takes for settlement. These factors are: 

  • The severity of the injury 

In a traffic accident, you are almost guaranteed to be injured. In some circumstances, your damage may be minor—a simple case of whiplash or a few scratches and bruises may be all involved. In most circumstances, you will sustain more serious injuries due to an auto collision. 

The more serious your injury, the easier it will be to claim against the at-fault motorist and get substantial compensation from them. In most states, a severe injury is defined as anything that causes major impairment of body functions, serious and irreversible disfigurement, or death. 

  • Proving liability 

In terms of vehicle accident laws, liability means blame. In many car accidents, one motorist is accountable for doing something (or neglecting to do something) that causes the crash. In many car accident cases, culpability arises from negligence; the driver did not follow the law or a safety practice, resulting in a crash. 

The challenge of proving fault can be quite difficult. While your lawyers should be able to accomplish this without difficulty, it will most likely take time to gather the necessary evidence and construct a compelling case to present in a complaint or before a court and jury. 

  • Gathering evidence 

When you sign a contract to hire your lawyer’s services, they will begin collecting evidence. You must sign an agreement releasing private financial and medical information to them for them to collect and develop a complaint. Unfortunately, gathering evidence typically takes a long time because your lawyer must contact several people/agencies to obtain what they require for your case. 

  • Amount of damages 

Should you decide to pursue an auto accident settlement, your lawyer will help you calculate the damages you should seek according to the economic and non-economic damages you suffered from the crash. The bigger the amount, the longer it will take to settle a lawsuit because insurance companies try to pay as little as possible. 

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