Motorcycle Accident Claims: Why Riding a Motorcycle is Dangerous

Riding a motorcycle allows you to enjoy some freedom. But this comes with some risks. Devastating injuries can occur in a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle lacks the protection that four-wheel vehicles have. It is easy for a rider to get thrown away from their motorcycle when a collision occurs. For help with motorcycle accident claims, visit this page. An attorney is available to help you explore legal options.

Why Motorcycles are Dangerous

Motorcycles are exciting rides. However, they have inherent risks because of their design. They are more dangerous than other vehicles due to the following reasons:

  • They have minimal protection. Those who ride motorcycles are exposed. Their rides do not have airbags or seatbelts to cushion the impact. As a result, riders are more vulnerable when an accident happens.
  • You are exposed to the elements. Riding a motorcycle doesn’t give protection against the elements. This can be dangerous in adverse weather conditions, which can compromise your vision and control of your ride.
  • There are balance and stability issues. Riding a motorcycle involves balance and stability. However, this can be hard on this vehicle and even a minor error can result in an accident.
  • They can reduce your visibility. A motorcycle is smaller than a passenger car. Thus, it is less visible to other motorists, increasing the risk of accidents. These accidents usually happen during lane changes and at intersections.
  • They have limited crash protection. During a motorcycle accident, you may directly impact the ground. This results in more serious injuries.
  • Riding conditions. Conditions like icy or wet roads and uneven road surfaces can pose more risks to motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

A motorcycle accident claim has complexities. Those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident must understand such complexities to exercise their legal rights. Bringing a legal claim involves gathering evidence, provability fault and liability, as well as dealing with an insurance company. Claimants must work with a reliable attorney to help them navigate the legal landscape. An attorney has the knowledge and expertise to build a strong claim. They will investigate an accident to secure evidence by taking photos or getting witness statements. Also, they can determine a claim’s accurate value and demand full compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault party. The attorney can take the case to trial if an insurer refuses to settle a claim out of court.

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