A Business That Understands High Voltage Is Beryl Capacitors

Power-related capacitors have been produced by Beryl capacitor factory, a supercapacitor producer, for many years. The greatest customer service is what it strives to provide.

A Beryl Capacitor: What Is It?

A high-voltage capacitor called a Beryl capacitor is used in several applications. The excellent quality and dependability of beryl capacitors are well recognized. The firm has existed for some time. We have applied for more than 100 key technology patents after 16 years of research and development, and we hold both the US and Japanese innovation patent authorizations.

How Do They Function?

For high-voltage applications, Beryl capacitors factory provides a variety of capacitors. How do these capacitors function, though?

Dielectric absorption is the method used by beryl capacitors to store electrical energy. In this method, a material’s molecules are polarized by an electric field to produce an imperceptible barrier capable of containing a charge. The electric field aligns the molecules and produces this barrier when a voltage is applied, enabling the capacitor to store energy.

Beryl capacitors’ superior performance in high-voltage applications is a result of this procedure. They can build capacitors that can withstand high electrical energies by employing dielectric absorption.

Why Do You Want a Beryl Capacitor?

Regardless of your application, Beryl capacitors provides a large assortment of capacitors that may satisfy your demands. For individuals who want specialized capacitors, we can provide bespoke capacitors. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our offerings and how we can assist you in selecting the best capacitor for your needs.


If you need a capacitor that can withstand high voltages, Beryl capacitors is the business you should contact. Beryl Capacitors has over 20 years of expertise in high-voltage design and can assist you in locating the ideal capacitor for your requirements.

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