10 Reasons Why Poets Should Have a Website!

A lot of poets asked whether they need a blog or website. Most of them get confused while deciding the importance of websites for their poetry.

A lot of people write beautiful poems such as:,  but they don’t know how to craft a smooth path toward their poetry career. These people don’t know the importance of websites for their poetry passion.

If you have doubts about having a poetry website, this article will help you.

We are going to discuss some reasons why poets should invest money in making their poetry websites.

1.  Your Poetry will Get a Place

When you do not have a poetry website, you need to ask different people to publish your poetry on their website.

You need to submit your literature to different blogs and websites, and there will be doubt about whether they will consider your poems or not.

In this way, your poems will depend on other people. Moreover, you will not have your whole bunch of poetry and writings in one place.

Your fans or readers will be unable to access your writings and poems because you don’t own a website.

That’s why you need a website where you can publish your every poem without depending on other people.

2.  You can Monetize your Website

You can make your poetry passion your side hustle by monetizing your website.

When there will be huge traffic on your website, you can monetize them through affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

In this way, you can earn a decent amount of money from your poetry passion.

3.  Avoiding Intellectual Theft

When you publish your poems on different platforms, there is a high chance of intellectual theft.

Cyber crimes are at their peak and poets are not exempted from them. So, they should take the necessary steps to avoid intellectual theft.

When you have a website, it serves as a necessary disclaimer to others and prevents them from stealing your poetry.

4.  Selling eBooks

You can create your poetry eBooks and can sell them through your website.

In this way, you can have a decent side hustle and can grow your career as a poet.

5.  Networking opportunities

Your website is your personal space where you can invite other poets to collaborate, or can meet literature lovers just like you.

It can allow you to meet or greet your poetry lovers and can get a chance to meet a new and enthusiastic poet just like you.

You can get introduced to the global poetry world through your website.

6.  Giving you Fame

Your website will contain your eBooks, your achievements, and your poems. So, traffic coming to your website can get introduced to your talent in one place.

Through this aspect, there are high chances that you will be recognized in the literature world, and will gain fame in your society.

7.  Online Resume

Your website will be your online resume where people can access your poetry skills, and can hire you for writing their poetry books.

They can book your services as a poet for different purposes.

A lot of people are looking for freelance services of a poet, so your website can open doors for these opportunities too.

Moreover, different poetry magazines and publications can also contact you for publishing your poems on their magazines and websites.

8.  Improve your Search Rankings

Websites can help you in reaching more audiences by improving your search ranking on Google.

If you will do a proper SEO of your poetry website, it will rank higher on Google.

In this way, when people will search for poetry, your poetry will come in front of them, and you can get more audience and fans in this way.

9.  Helps in Crowdfunding

If you are writing poems for humanitarian or charity purposes, your website is the ideal place to raise crowdfunding.

You can reach more people and can spread your words to a vast audience through your blog.

In this way, you can get more money and people for supporting your humanitarian cause.

Wrap Up:

This article discusses nine reasons why a poet should have a website. The prominent reason among them is to get fame and make poetry your side hustle through effective digital marketing.

Your website can help you in enhancing your number of poetry lovers and can monetize your skill in different ways.

So, don’t avoid the importance of a website and invest your money into it as soon as possible.

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