White Siding – Installation Tips

Most owners of private suburban housing prefer external wall cladding of a neutral, light shade. And there are several objective reasons for this. If the house is surrounded by a garden, lawns, and green spaces, in this case, white siding in combination with a dark roof looks simply luxurious.


Decorating a house with white siding is a fairly simple task that does not require the use of complex equipment and specialized tools. To implement the task, you will need the following:

  • Construction level.
  • Screwdriver
  • Bulgarian or manual saw with small teeth.
  • Stepladder

Rules and nuances of work

Siding contractors recommend if you are going to install plastic siding yourself, then you need to maintain a step between adjacent self-tapping screws, which should be equal to 300 millimeters. Fasteners must be installed strictly perpendicular to the plane. When attaching self-tapping screws, it is necessary to mount them exactly in the center of the hole, which has an oval shape. This approach allows the panels to slide during temperature expansion. The self-tapping screw should not be screwed in completely, there should be a gap of 1 millimeter between the head and the finished surface.

Before laying the white siding, several preparatory measures are carried out. To begin with, all protruding elements are dismantled from the walls. External surfaces are cleaned of dirt, old paint, and mold. Gaps are laid with the help of mounting foam. The walls are treated with primer and antiseptics. White siding is laid on a metal or wooden crate. The latter should form a frame around the entire perimeter of the walls, where the material will be installed. A heat insulator is tightly placed in the lattice holes. The thickness of the rails here is chosen based on the fact that after installing the insulation, there will be about 2 mm of free space between the prepared frame and the siding panels. This is necessary to create natural ventilation. White siding is laid horizontally, starting from the base strip, the correct position of which is determined in advance using a building level. The following bars fit into special grooves. Panels are fastened with self-tapping screws.

This effect can be achieved in one of two ways, the first involves stacking the coin, while the second involves initially twisting the fastener to the stop and then loosening it. When finishing with plastic siding, there should be a gap of 7 millimeters between the two starting bars. Installation of the bar on the corners is not complete. This necessitates the further use of the corner element.

Advantages of the material

What are the advantages of white siding? Photos of completed projects using facing material, presented in this material, show how attractive the object becomes after the work is completed. Modern decorative panels made of white polyvinyl chloride are distinguished by a variety of sizes and textures. Light cladding gives buildings an extremely impressive, elegant look. Even in the presence of a relatively gloomy surrounding landscape, white panels are pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the production raw materials, white siding does not lose its original shade and brightness, despite the conditions and duration of the operation. The material used to make the panels is safe for humans and the environment.

As they are used, wall cladding panels made of PVC require minimal maintenance. Since the surface of the material has an extremely smooth structure, dust and dirt do not adhere well to it. If necessary, the siding can be cleaned with a solution based on dishwashing detergent. At the end, all that remains is to pour water over the walls from a garden hose. Damaged siding panels are easily dismantled and replaced thanks to the ability to connect in a groove. Based on this, when purchasing material, you should take care of purchasing a certain number of spare strips.

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