TOP 5 Best Harness Looks for Halloween – 2022

Halloween is not only a holiday of All Saints, it is a special mood and a way to please yourself and surprise your friends with interesting images.

We all often think of Halloween costumes and clothes as something intimidating. But you can also make your look sexy at the same time. What woman does not dream of looking terribly beautiful, delightfully terrible and irresistible at the same time! Of course, this requires creativity and the clothes and paraphernalia you need. At the same time, every woman wants to remain an individual, and the images of zombies, vampires, ghosts and the like in traditional costumes familiar to us for Halloween are tired. How to be in then and what to surprise with?

In this article, we have collected the the best creative TOP-ideas for woman harness beautiful look. This is a selection of the most unusual images that will diversify your festive look and make you the object of increased attention at any party.

1. Devil Woman

One of the most popular and seductive images for Halloween is considered to be a female devil. To create this harness look, leather harness lingerie – a bra and strap-on panties with a dildo – will suit you. You can choose any color of the leather strapon harness, but wine color will be more preferable. Add a choker around your neck to your ensemble, decorated with additional bright fittings in the form of rings and spikes.

You can attach carabiners with handcuffs for your victim to additional fastening rings. Looks just intimidating. The final touch is an accessory in the form of a rim with horns and bright makeup and manicure. Your image is not only bright and sexy, you are the very fiend of hell on this holiday.

2. The Witch – Mistress of the Dark

To create such an image, a leather corset, fishnet tights, over which leg garters are worn, will suit you. A belt made of patent leather in black, purple, red colors will look especially impressive. However, you can choose the color scheme of your choice.

Complete all this with accessories – a collar slave with metal fittings and lots of chains, high-heeled shoes, black and gray makeup, red lipstick and bright manicure. To complete the look, you can pick up a pointed hat to match your harness.

3. Wild Cat Woman

Perhaps this image is associated with sexuality, mystery and unpredictability. No wonder he is so popular not only on Halloween, but also in role-playing games and BDSM themed parties. The gracefulness and softness of a cat enchants, and leather products on the body excite imagination and create a special mood.

To create the image of a sexy kitty, a full-body suit made of black latex that fits the body like a second skin is the best fit; a black mesh bodysuit for the whole body will also look harmonious, over which you can wear a leather caged bra and leather panties. The highlight of the image is a leather cat mask – it gives realism to your image and mysteriously changes your feeling, gives softness to your walk, silky voice, manners – sexuality and passion. It would seem that just one harness attribute is able to change your feelings about yourself and impress others. The color palette from classic black to the most non-standard solutions – pink, red, green, blue.

You can complement the image with an elegant choker sexual with miniature fittings, which hints that a cat can be conquered and subordinated to its owner.

4. Fallen Angel

This image is very unusual in that, on the one hand, this is an unearthly magical girl, pure in thoughts from sex, and on the other, she is a fallen angel, which means she is not as innocent as she seems. Be afraid to approach her, she will seduce you, it was not in vain that they cast her out!

For this look, a full body harness in the form of a bodysuit in white, pink and yellow colors is suitable. The interesting geometry of the leather straps on your body gives the impression of an angel entangled in the net, and the beautiful lines of the pattern will emphasize the sexuality of your forms. It can be supplemented with garters and accessories in the form of handcuffs and anlce cuffs with beautiful fastenings in the form of chains. This will create an impression of depravity for which this angel is punished.

Realism can be given to the image with the help of wings – a theatrical attribute that can be purchased at the costume store.

5. Vampire Queen Heartbreaker

You can create this image with any harness products: you can combine leather underwear with a collars and a wide garter belt at the waist in any way, a leather corset complete with latex or mesh clothes, bondage lingerie, bright bracelets and chains, leather accessories – whatever your heart desires, the main thing in this image – the “correct” color scheme. The most successful combinations are bright red or wine color with brown and black, dark deep blue with red and gold will also look spectacular.

Makeup in dark colors will help complete the look – the gray color of wet asphalt, silver, white and of course bright lips. Be sure to pick up a vampire teeth patch from the gift shop. Your image of a sexy vampire ready to bite her victim is ready.

Where to buy Harness products?

It is not difficult to buy harness attributes and various leather products. The Internet is full of various promotions and products. However, in pursuit of hot prices and advertising, pay attention to the quality of products. The specificity of the harness is that after the end of the holiday, these products will not go to the trash and will not gather dust on the shelf in the closet, if you carefully choose them. Harness isn’t just a Halloween RPG item. You can use these items for role playing in the bedroom or for everyday wear over clothes.

We recommend giving preference to trusted online stores and brands. is a well-known manufacturer of harness accessories, in the catalog you will find products for every taste and color. And if you come up with something of your own, then the masters will make it according to your drawings. Delivery worldwide.

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