Tips for staying sane while planning an engagement photo session

Engagement is a thrilling experience regardless of the side you’re on. Whether you are planning a secret proposal or you are the one who will be proposed to. Those who are going to pop up the question are facing a lot of stress. They need to make a good plan and keep it a secret. To make the preparation less stressful, we’d like to share some tips.

Plan ahead

Sounds obvious, but planning ahead is crucial for your perfect secret proposal. If you are planning to involve other people, contact them in advance. Find a photographer and check the engagement photographs in the portfolio. It will help you to understand the style and the result you will get. Discuss all the details of your engagement day and make sure the involved people are well-informed about their roles. On the proposal day everyone should act exactly as planned. It helps to minimize stress.

Think about choosing the venue that suits your idea. Don’t forget to take heed of the natural features. Thus, the beach may include strong winds, while the park may be overcrowded. Both mentioned features are not necessarily bad, but they are to be taken into consideration.

Involve professionals

Such an emotional event is supposed to be captured. The sincere emotions of the couple are priceless. Vibrant photos will stay with you to warm your heart and bring back the memories of this remarkable day. That’s why hiring a photographer is a good idea.

Professional engagement photographers are experienced people, so do not be afraid to ask them about things you need to consider. They may give you a lot of useful advice regarding the venue or decoration. Besides, they may know vendors that could bring more romance to your important event. If you are lucky, the photographer can even make some arrangements. It means you won’t need to communicate with several vendors. Meanwhile, flower decorations or balloons will make the photographs from your engagement more creative and unique.

Other details

Although there are so many things to think about, attention to the details is still important. It will pay off once you propose and then see the ready photos. Below you will find a helpful list. Use it to think out your engagement day.

·         Choose the right time. The location should not be closed;

·         Try to match the location color palette while choosing the clothes;

·         Think about the logistics and parking near the venue;

·         Check the weather forecast and make plan B in case of bad weather;

·         Create a secret gesture or sign, so the photographer will get ready;

·         Find a place to celebrate your engagement after you propose.

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