The 10 most beautiful countries in Africa

There can be many compelling reasons to visit Africa, and Matisse (1869-1954), Renoir (1841-1919), and Klee (1879-1940) were well aware of them, looking for something special there. If you try to put together an ideal itinerary for a person of art, there are several must-see places, including Africa. Usually artists come here to start anew – the spirit of the new is reflected in their paintings.

But what lures ordinary people to Africa? Not artists, not writers, but those who toil in ordinary jobs? Sooner or later, everyone wants to get out of their familiar world and see and learn something new – Africa is perfect for it! What about the sights of Abu Simbel, Karnak, Giza… And the national parks? Zambia has a very spectacular park, which is home to large animals: rhinos, hippos, elephants and others.

If you are enticed and captivated by Africa, this article will be of interest to you. We will tell you about the most beautiful African countries – it is impossible not to be fascinated!


Cameroon is not called the heart of Africa for nothing. It is a fairly large country, comparable in size to California. Tourists praise this country, saying the grass is greener, the food tastes better, and the sun rises in a special way…

From a tourist point of view, the north is the most interesting: it has the most beautiful scenery, unique nature and interesting people. In the north there are people in the area of Ujle, the women there prefer nudity. You can admire the mountains of the Cape forever… They are the oldest on the continent. The whole south of Cameroon is impenetrable forest, so it’s hardly worth coming here, it’s better to head straight to the north.


After visiting Botswana many tourists admit that they left the country with great reluctance. There are all the amenities for tourists: excellent hotels, museums, national reserve Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which you can visit with children. This is one of the largest desert parks in the world – you can’t miss out on such beauty.

For a family visit, travelers recommend Mogonai Gorge. It is a picturesque and fantastically beautiful place. It is especially interesting to watch the animals at the watering hole in Safari – in the evening, large animals gather under the rays of the setting sun: elephants, giraffes, antelopes and others.


Those wishing to visit Eswatini should know a few things: it is one of the best places to see rhinos, you may not have to do a visa (you can stay in Eswatini for 30 days), the country is easy to get around as it is small (17,364 km²; 6,704 mi²).

Many of the attractions here are close together, so you can see most of the country in just a few days. There are beautiful rivers flowing through the country, including the largest, the Maputo. Vegetation is mostly brushwood, but the flora is very rich: there are about 2400 species of plants! There are 25 species of aloe alone.


Mozambique is one of the oldest states in the world. Its territory is as vast as almost half of Europe, and it stretches along the Indian Ocean coast. The Indian Ocean is the youngest and warmest of the world’s oceans. The first test for the traveler here is waiting at the airport – you can get a visa right at the border. It takes 5-10 minutes.

Mozambique is called the land of smiles for some reason in travel guides, but here they smile just as often as in other countries (that is, no special features). Tourists do not quite understand why Mozambique is recommended to visit: the country is dirty, but, of course, there are always those who find beauty in little things.


Togo (the official name of the Togolese Republic) is a state in West Africa. Despite its small size (an area of 56,785 km²), the natural conditions here are quite diverse. Groves of coconut palms, huge baobabs and numerous lagoons give the country a certain flavor and mood.

Especially attractive to travelers are sandy beaches, as well as informative excursions and colorful bazaars. You hardly want to leave Togo empty-handed. In the markets you can and should bargain: sellers see tourists and try to sell them souvenirs at a higher price, so you can safely knock down the price. But do not forget that Togo is a poor country, and here everyone earns as they can.


If you are always in search of an unforgettable experience, here’s your solution – go to Namibia! This is very unusual for South Africa’s country: first of all, it is African-style safe, and secondly, there are a lot of animals (charge your camera and clear your memory), and for a week you can see everything you might have read in African stories. You won’t find such a variety of animals in any other reserve in Africa.

The capital of the country is called Windhoek. The city is more than one and a half kilometers above sea level, which creates a special climate: it is windy and it rains a lot. The city consists of slums, residential areas, industrial zones and the German yard.


Looking at a map of South Africa, you may be surprised that this tiny state of Lesotho is right in the center of the vast South Africa. It so happens that the state is an island and is part of another state. The biggest peculiarity of Lesotho are the regions of the country – there are almost no roads, but there are fantastic high mountains, waterfalls and here you can still encounter warriors holding spears in their hands!

Where to go as a tourist? There is not much to see in Maseru, so it is worth to head straight to the northeastern part of the country. As travelers say, it’s the perfect place for introverts: silence, peace, lots of room for thought.


What exactly can be advised to those who are going to visit Africa – to visit the island of Mauritius. A definite plus is that you do not need a visa to travel here. Flora and fauna of Mauritius has gradually evolved, so you can see many unique species of plants and animals.

Like any other place, the island of Mauritius has its own peculiarities. The Indian influence is strongly felt here, both in terms of food and religion. Here you can find a hotel for both 50,000 and 2,000 a day (it all depends on the budget). But the sea with azure water, waterfalls, beautiful mountains and palm trees are completely free and available to people of all incomes.


Some courageous people dare to move to an unfamiliar country. They come and share their experiences! What interesting things do tourists say about Ghana? Ghana is a small country on the west coast of Africa. About 20% of the population here lives below the poverty line. What’s scary is the view of the road along the Atlantic Ocean… Reminds me of some “Silent Hill”, especially in the fog.

The beaches here are littered with trash, so lying down and sunbathing for fun is unlikely. But there are some good points. If you want something intriguing, wildlife, savannah, then Ghana is for you. What’s nice – now the country is actively being built up, people can build a house for themselves and their families, which even many Russians are deprived of.


Travelers speak very well of Tanzania, a country in Africa, which has become a popular tourist destination. The pros for them are obvious: unparalleled beaches, ocean, fruits. Tanzania is a country of childhood dreams with magnificent animals and the golden sand of Zanzibar. Mostly animal lovers come here to take pictures.

The difficulty is that there is no direct flight to the place, plus vacation here is expensive. You need to pay for a flight, accommodation, for a safari for a few days with overnight stays.

Tanzania is suitable for families with young children, seniors and anyone who likes a quiet holiday. But also active tourists will find here for themselves entertainment. The country is very colorful with lots of greenery. There are many national parks, if desired, you can do diving, and in Zanzibar to lie and sunbathe on the beach

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