Preparing to defend a term paper overnight

A student, as always, lacks literally one night to finish something, to finish writing, to finish studying. How familiar this is to most people, especially when writing and handing in term papers! And it’s not that we don’t want to study well, it’s just that besides one, the same subject, there are other disciplines, which also require a lot of preparation. And students leave things for tomorrow, the day after that, which can be passed later. And the deadline is inexorably approaching. In the penultimate night the student relieved puts the last point in his term paper, hoping that the hardest part is over. But that’s where he’s wrong. Writing a term paper is one thing, but defending it is quite another. It’s possible to get “excellent” on the material of average quality term papers if the teacher won’t pay much attention to the text, but you need to present yourself and your term paper successfully on defense.

Defending coursework

Preparing to defend a term paper overnight1

So, you have only one night to successfully defend your term paper. What do you need for this?

  • Coursework.
  • A working mood.
  • Emotional mood.
  • Paper, pen.
  • A mirror.

Purchasing term papers is a good thing. But to write your speech for the defense, you need to study your term paper. Without knowing the content of the term paper, you won’t be able to write the speech. Of course, if you ordered writing term papers and speeches for the defense from experienced performers, then you can with a clear conscience learn the speech you wrote. But even in this case you should be roughly guided in the content of the work, because most of the teachers are curious people and like to talk to the student on high topics. Can you imagine how you will upset your teacher that you do not know your own term paper – for him it is the most extreme degree of sacrilege. So, it is highly recommended that you do not take that risk, so that you can get the grade that will suit you, not upset you. So, whether you want it or not, you will have to reread the coursework.

Work and Emotional Mood

Here you have a working mood. If you don’t have it, you won’t get good results. In addition to the working spirit, you also need a positive emotional mood. Pushing away the depressed state, treat with humor the situation in which you find yourself, and do not dare to complain to someone and feel sorry for yourself. First, you lose precious time, and secondly, feeling sorry for yourself, you will relax and will not be able to write an excellent speech, and with a whiny mood do not get a good grade. Drive away any self-pitying, get to work.

Work on your speech

Once you have reviewed the main points of the coursework and, in general, understand what it’s about, you should try to compose a speech. Your speech builds on the material of the term paper, do not forget to designate such favorite items for teachers, such as relevance and goals with objectives. Take a paper with a pen, write your report. After the speech is written (it will take you about an hour to write it, if you try), you need to rest! Not by the TV, of course, and not by talking on the phone.

The best rest – get dressed, put your shoes on, and for half an hour in a park for a walk, wander, get some fresh air. We came, had a snack, and now you need to read the speech. It should take exactly the amount of time specified by the teacher. If you spend more time, you risk being stopped, then the speech will not be brought to its logical conclusion, and you will get confused. Another option – you still have plenty of time, and the teacher, looking at the clock, will think that you are ill-prepared, and will start to ask a lot of additional questions. And this is not good for you. So calculate everything to the minute. Did you learn your speech?

Well done! Rest again, you deserve it. For a few minutes it is recommended to contemplate the nature or from the window, or at least find a beautiful picture on the theme of nature and look at it, imagine that you are in the forest, hear the singing of birds, the creaking of trees, the sound of wind. Such relaxation, as proven by Japanese scientists, very much helps to improve memory.

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