When signing up for online platforms like Twitter or Amazon, you’re often asked to provide your mobile phone number. This can raise privacy concerns. To protect your privacy in these situations, one option is to use a virtual phone number.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete SMS verification without revealing your actual phone number or any social media accounts. We’ll also introduce you to a reliable virtual number service that allows you to create online accounts without disclosing your personal mobile number.

What is an Online Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers have been available since the early days of mobile phones. You might have even used one without realizing it. Essentially, a virtual phone number is a temporary number that you can obtain from a virtual number service provider. Once you acquire the number, it remains active for a limited duration. You can also deactivate it at your discretion.

A Reliable Virtual Number Provider – SMS-man

SMS-man offers an affordable and convenient solution for obtaining virtual phone numbers online. With SMS-man, you can register for various online services or applications without using your real phone number. You can purchase a virtual number for registration on platforms such as Facebook, Discord, Amazon, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and more, starting at just $0.05.

SMS-man boasts some of the most competitive prices compared to other virtual number providers for SMS verification. Their website offers a wide selection of virtual numbers from 356 different countries.

The process of obtaining a virtual number for SMS verification through SMS-man is straightforward and takes no more than 5 minutes. Additionally, SMS-man does not require identity verification, enabling you to complete SMS verification immediately after a simple registration.

Advantages of SMS-man Over Other Providers

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Here are some of the key benefits of using SMS-man:

Affordability: You can acquire a virtual number for most services for just $0.05.

Universal Compatibility: SMS-man supports SMS verification for over 1000 different websites.

Flexible Payment: A variety of payment methods are available, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Global Reach: SMS-man offers virtual numbers from 356 countries, ensuring a wide selection.

Instant Verification: Their fully automated system ensures instant delivery of sent texts.

Today, SMS-man’s virtual mobile number generator for SMS verification stands as one of the best tools for account activations without the need for a physical SIM card.

How to Obtain an Online Phone Number for SMS Verification?

SMS-man aims to provide a convenient phone number generator for its users, allowing them to bypass SMS verification for any site or application in just seconds. Follow these simple steps to receive SMS online:

  • Register on the SMS-man website at
  • After logging in, click on the “Payment” tab and follow the instructions to fund your account.
  • Select your mobile operator’s country and the service you wish to register for in the “Select Country” and “Select Service” sections.
  • Click the “Buy Virtual Number” button next to your chosen number.
  • Enter the purchased number in the registration field and send an SMS containing the verification code to it.
  • Return to SMS-man and click “Get SMS” to view the verification code you received.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable and cost-effective phone number generator for SMS, SMS-man is an excellent choice.


What exactly is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a temporary number provided by a virtual number service provider. It allows you to receive SMS and calls without revealing your real mobile number, making it ideal for online registrations and privacy protection.

How can I use a virtual phone number for SMS verification?

To use a virtual phone number for SMS verification, first register with a service like SMS-man. Fund your account, select your desired service and country, purchase a virtual number, and input it during registration on the platform that requires verification. Retrieve the verification code from the virtual number provider.

Are virtual phone numbers safe to use?

Yes, virtual phone numbers are a secure option for protecting your privacy online. They prevent the exposure of your real mobile number, reducing the risk of spam, scams, and data breaches.

Can I use a virtual number for multiple online services?

Yes, you can use a single virtual phone number for multiple online services, making it a versatile solution for various registrations.

Are there any disadvantages to using virtual phone numbers?

One potential drawback is that virtual numbers have a limited lifespan. They are temporary and may expire after a set period, so you need to keep this in mind for long-term usage.


In summary, virtual phone numbers offer a valuable solution for safeguarding your privacy during online registrations. They are easy to obtain, cost-effective, and compatible with numerous services. Services like SMS-man provide a seamless experience for obtaining and using virtual numbers, making it a practical choice for those seeking anonymity and security in their online interactions. Whether you’re concerned about data privacy or simply want to maintain your online presence without revealing your personal mobile number, virtual phone numbers are a smart choice.

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