Explore the amusing culture of Bhutan with DrukAsia. 

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia and is known for its preserved cultural heritage and ancient Buddhist monasteries. The country’s culture is based on Vajrayana Buddhism, a practice prevalent in other neighboring countries like India and Nepal. This faith dates back centuries and it reflects in the day-to-day life of Bhutanese people, their beliefs, and values.

The Bhutanese people have a strong respect for their monarchs and follow traditional and ancient Buddhist values. These values are reflected in everyday life and celebrations, with respect to elders and compassion being two principal values.

Apart from Buddhism, there is also a sense of national identity that Bhutanese people share which is based on a unique blend of culture, language, arts, sports, and a shared history. Traditional Bhutanese music and dance are some of the unique aspects of the Bhutanese culture. Due to its small size, there is not much ethnic diversity in Bhutan, however, the Bhutanese people are reputed for their hospitality and welcoming attitude towards visitors.

Culture is a very integral part of a country or region. A country’s daily lifestyle is based on its culture. 

If you want to explore the Magnificent Bhutan and learn about their culture then you should contact DrukAsia as your tour guide.

Why should you choose DrukAsia?

Well, DrukAsia is a very well-known and reputed tour agency in Bhutan. Bhutan’s Airline DrukAir ‘s official agent. They are licensed and work with the best tour guides there. Their teams help tourists achieve the best tours in Bhutan with ease. They have knowledge about Bhutan and will make sure to teach you about Bhutan as well. Their guides also make sure you get to cover all the Bhutan tour places. DrukAsia has a variety of packages according to their tourist’s needs. One of them is the Bhutan Cultural tour package. With this package they get their tourists to learn about the heritage, history, and cultures of Bhutan. They also take responsibility for Visa Handling, Air tickets, and Hotel stays. They make your Travel in Bhutan easier. 

Packages include – 

7 days bhutan tour with Haa Valley – 

This involves the green valley of Paro, their capital Thimphu and the old capital Punakha. 

8 days magical Bhutan travel plan – 

It covers from the East to the west side of Bhutan. Which makes you fall in love magically with Bhutan’s beauty. 

11 day cultural tour travel plan – 

In this package, you will be able to witness paper making, a day trek to tango goemba, and a picnic by a river. 

4 days discover Bhutan – 

It is a short package for those who do not have time but still want to enjoy Bhutan.  

15 days east to west cultural tour and flight to Yonphula – 

In this package, you can travel by Bhutan’s domestic flight and have a complete tour of all Bhutan tour places. 

6 days 5 nights Chinese new year – 

It is a good way to enjoy the Chinese New Year in Bhutan. 

7 days Bhutan glamping tour – 

Glamping is a term for camping that is done in a glamorous way. This is very popular these days among travelers. And there is nothing better than enjoying glamping in Bhutan.

Their cultural tour packages are well-made and can be easily tailored according to your needs. You can contact them from their websites and also to know about further packages. They have many more Bhutan tour packages. 

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