Buttler, The Brutal Beauty Hits A Century Against MI

Buttler, the ‘T-20 giant’ to quote Harsha Bhogle, has played one of the model innings this year against MI. It was an incredible knock of 100 runs out of 68 deliveries that showcases why he is being celebrated!

Jos-the-boss knows the threat his opposition reserves for him. MI bowler Bumrah generally doesn’t open, but Rohit – the MI skipper in the 9th match of the league, had none other to depend on for cleaning Buttler up. Butter says: “Mumbai always attacks me with Bumrah, he’s one of the best bowlers globally, and I find him hard to attack.”

The understanding of opponent strategy has allowed him to deal with Bumrah well in the first over. However, after the boundary in the third ball of the first over, the way he was challenged – was not easy to tackle. Three rest of the consequent deliveries, first an away swinger, then a straight rising delivery from good length followed by an inswing Yorker – were deadly indeed. But such a brutal batsman doesn’t throw his wicket by losing patience.

However, the next over was also measured from his half; he doesn’t leave poor deliveries. As he anticipated one short-pitched delivery, he made it sailing over deep mid-wicket. The rest of the over was comfortably negotiated; he knew at least the first few balls were required to open the floodgate.

Ultimately it began from Murugan Ashwin’s over, after the first ball – all the five deliveries were hammered with his technical specification – staying deep, open-stanced, and his body at the leg side of the ball enabled him to power the ball at any point between third-man and square-leg. Particularly against Thampi, his swing mechanism worked fabulously. It was three sixes and two fours from a single over!

His anticipation works in defending and being brutal at the same time. He knows to predict the Yorker’s deal with it and knows which attempted Yorker will be a full toss. This is Buttler, a blend of a beautiful brain and the prowess as a batter. He was instigated even to hit along the boundary. Constantly the MI pacers were angling the ball, making him shoot longer half of the fence. But Buttler guided them like a maestro with his twisting wrists over the point to the offside, and this was deliberately done all through the second half of the innings.

His slowing down of the attack – as the innings were coming down to an end also was another strategic step; it helped Hetmyer send a few more boundaries.

Success in any format of cricket does not lie only in hitting the ball to the gallery roof, and it depends upon how one understands the opposite team’s strategy and successfully makes counter strategic moves. Butter is exceptional that way. A great deal of excitement surrounds cricket. But why none can relegate Buttler from a safe XI is his effectiveness as a tremendous T-20 talent. It’s not about a specific match but how one usually engages the whole sport with a particular format, i.e., what makes Buttler different from many run-of-the-mill pinch hitters.

Butler is a popular player in the fantasy cricket world because of his outstanding batting record. His consistent performance makes it a no-brainer to include him in your fantasy team. Fantasy sports apps allow you to create your own team from the players in the live match and win based on how the players perform in a real match. Other than Buttler, when creating your fantasy cricket team, here are some of the other players you should consider that are extremely good choices:

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. Rohit Sharma
  3. David Warner
  4. Chris Gayle
  5. Jasprit Bumrah

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