This is How East Coast Cities Get into the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is the perfect time for cities to come alive and show off the true colors of their residents. East Coast cities are no exception. NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and more all have a special way to make the holidays memorable all year round.

This is how East Coast cities get into the holiday spirit:

Philadelphia, PA

According to Wothappen Philadelphia has a lot of different things that you can do during the holiday season. You can go on a guided tour through Philadelphia and see the city in it’s best light.

The city has a spectacular holiday light show that takes place every night during the holiday season, as well as over 100 Christmas tree lighting ceremonies at various locations around the city.

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There are also a variety of activities that you can enjoy with your family or friends this holiday season. Like visiting Santa Claus at his winter quarters located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art or checking out one of the numerous live shows that take place around town during this time.

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New York City, NY

New York City is a city of many different holidays, and the people who get to enjoy these events are grateful for the beautiful city they live in. One of the holidays that gets celebrated in the city is Christmas.

To kick off the holiday season, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is nationally broadcasted for the entire country to enjoy.

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Another popular event includes the many Christmas tree lightings that occur all throughout the city, the two main lightings being the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Macy’s annual tree lighting.

To conclude the many holiday events in New York City is Times Square’s New Year’s Eve celebration which illuminates a giant ball on New Year’s Eve letting all those who come celebrate with millions of other people throughout the city.

A lot of New Yorkers love to take advantage of the holidays with family and friends. However, it can be difficult to partake in these events as a visitor. This is where Manhattan Real Estate comes in handy! Become a local and enjoy as many of these events as you please without the hassle of hours of traveling.

Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia is a vibrant place during the holidays. There are many events in the city where people can celebrate Christmas.

These events range from tree lightings and parades to music concerts and public theatrical performances throughout the city. The best thing about D.C. is that it has so many options for Christmas events that it can be hard to choose what to go to!

One thing that’s certain, however, is that you won’t want to miss any of these holiday festivities! The main event to partake in is the National Christmas Tree Lighting at the White House!

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Boston, MA

Christmas is one of the most celebrated and loved holidays in the United States. Boston marks a truly festive time with fireworks on the Boston Common and beautifully decorated homes that light up their windows to celebrate Christmas.

Boston is a city known for its love of Christmas and other winter celebrations, so it’s no surprise that Bostonians are generally pretty excited when it’s December. The best way to celebrate however, might be by visiting one of these events this holiday season.

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Some of the most popular events to enjoy include The Boston Pops’ Christmas concert, Illumination Night, The Boston Christmas Parade, The Lighting of the Great Tree, and many more!

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